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The universal free multi media player for most operating systems.
Watch HDTV, DVD-Video, AVI, DivX, VCD, GIF-animations, MPeg;
watch or stream almost all formats of video free by using:


Problems with ADSL under Windows 2000?

«The Bloody Communist» (
Whom I'm a secret admirer of; although I'm far from sharing his political views) Tron Øgrim's «secret net-place»: The Norwegian site «Under a Rock in the Forest».
Here through an article he wrote in PCWorld Norge, November 1997. — Yes, I have translated it for you…


My Free E-mail Provider

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Lots and lots of updated freeware and shareware to download.
You'll get it from 2Cows, who's always got a site near you:
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Lots of drivers from any software to any hardware.
A Must for any computer-owner
You'll get it from Drivers' Head Quarter:
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FAST FTP Search v3.7 for downloading anything on the net through your web-browser.

Do you dislike using your Credit Card over the Internet? — Why not feel secure with a Virtual PIN?

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BearCY's GayMaze --- Password Protected Link! BearCY's Address Page BearCYs Homse-Labyrint --- Passordbeskyttet Peker!
BearCY's HomoSite Norsktalende BearCYs HomseNettsted

BearCY's HomoSite: Mix of Pantheïstic Enlightenment with Gay Pornography.