A request to Netscape

Here we've got a table with two tables inside it.
The outer table's got background color Red 8 Green 8 Blue 24.
The outer table is tiled with a transparent GIF.
The two tables inside, have no background color or -picture.
None of the cells have got any individual background specs.

Netscape's problem

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This document is a copy of my personal ad.
    Please just ignore the text.
    It is not meant as an insult to you.
    It is not aimed at you.
    I just want to get this problem fixed.
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Description   Hi! I'm a Norwegian guy searching for baby faced, smooth (not hairy) males of any ethnicity, preferably non-dogmatic pantheists (people who believe that «God» is the spiritual sum of everyone and everything that exists, and that «the will of God» is the sum of all sacred free wills in this Universe; and that every soul therefore is to be granted full respect and dignity), like Buddhists, Hinduists, Shamanists, or whatever you'd like to term yourself.

I'm not interested in religious or «atheist» idol-worshippers of any kind.

I'm polygamous and I don't grant myself the energy to lie, so please don't answer if you plan to stay locked up inside some closet for the rest of your life.

I prefer all kinds of sex that don't include pain. And yes: I'm «versatile». Skin- and mind-contact is very important to me.

If you're just out hunting for someone who can pay any of your bills for you, don't bother answering this ad. I'm not a so called sugar-daddy.

Contact Info  

Oslo, Norway, Scandinavia, Europe

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This particular type of table is best viewed with Microsoft;
Netscape messes it up by dividing the background picture into starting on its own in every single cell, while Microsoft lets it cover the whole table-background as one continuous tile.


If you dislike this presentation — fix the problem!

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—This page is meant for Netscape's eyes only.


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