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  The original Swastica is «The Wheel of Life».
It symbolizes the direction that our Chakras rotate,
and has the same origin as the yinyang-symbol.

When Adolf Hitler mirrored the Swastica
to turn the other way (),
he turned it into a symbol of fear and death.
And thus made sure that he could not possible
win his mindless war.

It is a pity that such a strong healing-symbol
should be destroyed in this fashion;
the average European gets a painful
stomach-ache watching any kind of
swastica, due to World War II.

And because of this ignorance,
they have become even more confused
on their way to healing,
and their own salvation,
of her- or himself.

A Buddha equates a Christ.
All it takes to become one, is decisiveness;
anyone can learn how to become that.

The Buddhist symbol of the Swastica
can be compared to
the Christian symbol of the cross.
When you mirror the Swastica,
and you turn the cross upside-down,
you'll get the same equation:

While the Swastica symbol stands for love or life force,
the cross stands for what's «holy» or «good».

When you mirror the Swastica,
it changes its meaning into total lack of love or life
(= in Christian terms: «fear» or «death»).

When you turn the cross upside-down,
it changes its meaning into «sin» or «evil».

Nazism good Lord, what may that be?

I know that this text may prove difficult to understand or swallow for some of you, but be calm; there is nothing written here that might be harmful to you in any way. If your level of maturity is so low that you're not ready for this information yet, you'll simply loose your concentration and «drop out» of the text. Or you'll just read on and on and get bored, and wonder when I eventually will talk about Nazism. —Particularly if you're a young soul, you may feel that this build-up of total-connected philosophical reasoning goes far beyond your ability to understand. This is not a negative thing. It has nothing to do with your intelligence or ability to make a good life for yourself. What it means is only that you've got more incarnations left as a human being than what I have…

What it means, is that this document is about you [—the dualist; who search for salvation outside yourself, and let yourself get seduced by accidental people you meet (or celebrities in our media) you choose to idolize as «strong minds» that you might permit yourself to fall in love with, even some «Jesuses», «Muhameds» or «Buddhas»; to agree with just about anything you believe that they claim to be «The Truth» (even worship as «sacred dogmas») without first experiencing this particular truth for yourself]; and that this document is neither meant for you to understand; nor read. So please stop tormenting yourself with it, and: Get Back!

I have no presupposition to «be» neither «for», nor «against» Nazism as such. What other people believe or how they feel is not for me to decide, nor judge against. I just try to explain how it appears and is created. I know a lot of nice, loving and beautiful people, both among people who label themselves Nazis and anti-Nazis. It is their war, not mine!

My own (very subjective) definitions in this document:

1.   In this text, I use the term «Working Class» in a very specific way: I simply mean «slave»-souls that are too young to have developed any further than the working class mentality. Not the whole working-class as such, which consists of souls of all ages. I know that this may seem hard to swallow for those of you who feel strong patriotism connected to the term. But remember: This is only one specific definition of the term; which itself spans over many different fields. So when I say «all the members of the working class», I simply mean these young souls.

2.   I also know that to talk about different ages of souls is a contradiction in terms. We are all siblings in God. All souls are equally eternal. What I mean here, is simply in terms of amount of experiences collected by incarnating as human beings. A young soul (a soul who has little self-confidence, and therefore are afraid of «everyone and everything») of the working class may have only less than eight hundred incarnations behind her as a human being, while an old soul (a soul who has experienced just about any way of incarnating as a human being, and therefore permits anyone to do just about anything with themselves without feeling anything but love toward them) may have more than forty-thousand incarnations as a human being. That's all. If you feel the need for information about our ascended brother Jesus, the Christ's view on reïncarnation, please have a look here. When you're finished there, please hit the Back-button on top of your browser to continue on with this:

What is Nazism? It would seem that everyone knew that?

Unfortunately, the reality is quite different. Very few people in our society today, have no presupposition to comprehend what Nazism really is about, and why and how it appears.

I will here try to describe what happens when a person or a people turn on to or off from Nazism, without really understanding how, why or what is happening.

Everything below this line tell you about what Nazism is and why it works like it does:


We live in a so called «class-less» society. The classless society is just a myth. It exists only in the fantasy of peoples minds. We let ourselves get brainwashed by our school- and educational system, the news and media in general, to believe that we live in a non-class society. That we live in a society where everybody is equal. Therefore we move about, terrified to be conspicuous and to stand out from the crowd.

We are seemingly just a large «base crowd». At least in our own eyes. And if we discover aspects of ourselves that we fail to recognize in this base crowd, we become terrified; try to hide from our surroundings, lie, disguise our intentions, and unconsciously feel guilty, because we don't live out these aspect of ourselves, and therefore tend to feel inferior to our surroundings, whom we erroneously believe do live out theirs.

All humans feel different from each other. Every incarnating entity feels totally cut off from all other entities. There isn't two humans who think totally alike. Not in our society. Not anywhere else in our universe, either.

But we allow ourselves to let ourselves get brainwashed by ourselves and our surroundings, to believe that everyone thinks quite equal. That everyone therefore has equal rights. That everyone therefore has equal suppositions. And that there is justice for all.

If not, «competition» would not have any reason to exist. But here, in this upside down culture of ours, the competition is viewed to be as holy as the celebrating of the 4. of July! What does it create? — It creates the possibility that one is being allowed to feel as a winner, and that the rest let themselves force to feel as losers. A major waste of energy, in other words…

Rather than realizing that every human is a unique, exceptional, unexampled and indispensable entity to the rest of the world, and that we have quite different presuppositions in relation to just about every aspect of our lives — we let ourselves get down hearted and submissive, we feel that we are worth nothing if we are not exactly similar to how the society in general (which also consists of «me» — us all) decides that «the normal human» shall be. This is the reason why we don't feel proud of being unique and indispensable. Instead, we let ourselves feel conspicuous, inferior and «abnormal».

The Working Class

All humans who belong to what we a bit tactless call «the working class», are terrified to «think too much». These people believe that if they «think too much», they'll end up getting consigned to an asylum for lunatics. They truly believe that they'll become «insane». And then they will fail. Or so they do believe.

This is why they don't dare to think adequately enough, to manage to sort out their thoughts and feelings. Instead they sheepishly follow each other's dogmas about how everything is and should be, and don't quite see where it ends.

The working class consists generally of people who have grown up with parents who haven't given them the intellectual stimuli necessary to get interested in reading so called «high-grade literature».

People who read so called high-grade literature, collect an adequate vocabulary to be able to label their feelings. This makes them able handle their feelings and to sort them out, so that they don't get shuffled and make them stumble over them, in their daily life. This is how they get a surplus of energy to assert themselves in the society.

Those who don't interest themselves to read so called high-grade literature; who is satisfied by reading newspapers, magazines, kiosk-literature and watching television — don't get an adequate vocabulary to manage to sort out their feelings in their daily life. This is why they feel that their emotions get in their way. They unconsciously make emotional blockages which shut in their energy, so that they equally unconsciously make this very same energy work against them. Emotional blockages is also what we call «trolls», or «monsters». Trolls is a way of describing emotional blockages.

Trolls are used by the working class to describe things they do not understand, and therefore choose to be afraid of. Be it all the different aspects of themselves that they don't recognize in the model that our society (which includes themselves) has branded as «wanted». This would otherwise be everything that make them feel unique, exceptional, unexampled and indispensable in the grand continuity of our universe. Rather than utilize this energy to something positive, they shut it inside, so that it transforms into trolls and monsters which blocks for all the aspects in themselves which they otherwise could use to assert themselves in our society.

Trolls and monsters are used by modern human beings to excuse ourselves from having to deal with our innermost feelings and longings.

When we are children, we force ourselves to get taught by our siblings, parents, family, teachers and friends, what is acceptable and what is not. When we discover aspects of ourselves that we are not allowed by our surroundings to express, we make blockages for these feelings and abilities. These blockages help us to prevent us from making a fool of ourselves. When we grow up, these blockages become so deep and unavailable to us, that we don't even think that they are there. And when we in our adult life stumble upon experiences which confront us with these feelings and abilities that we have suppressed, we let ourselves become confused and scared. We don't understand what's wrong, and our minds create trolls and monsters where these hidden emotions and abilities lie. We see the trolls and monsters, but not what lies behind them. If you are exposed to nightmares whenever you go to sleep, there's a good indication that you've got a lot of trolls and monsters that you need professional help from a psychologist or psychiatrist (the professions that the terrified working class has termed «mind-shrinks») to get rid of. Please be bold enough to ask for this help; it may transform your life!

If we do not come from the working class, we much more often dare to take counselling and try to break open these blockages, we will eventually bring the trolls out in the daylight. And we all know from our folk tales what happens to trolls when they get exposed to the sunlight: — They burst, and we can access the treasures they've been hiding.

These treasures consists of these old hidden beautiful feelings and abilities that we didn't allow ourselves to express as a child or a youth. If these feelings and abilities are connected to sexual feelings and behaviour, there's an obvious explanation for why we weren't allowed to express them when we were young. We live in a very puritan and Christianity-cultural society, where children aren't supposed to have, and much less express such feelings. This particular aspect applies also to the great theory of dr. Sigmund Freud; but the treasures can be about just anything you might think of that tired (working-class?-) parents coming home late from work didn't have the surplus to answer their children adequately, and therefore just scowled at them instead.


Imagine a cinema. There you've got a projector machine which projects pictures up on a screen, so that we may see them. All entities who live in the physical reality, and who perceive themselves as a mind in a body, are projecting. Since we've got as large problems as we have, to realize our own abilities and positive assets, limitations and insufficiencies, trolls and monsters — we project these onto our surroundings, so that we may see them, and thereby be able to relate to them.

This is why it is so much easier to see the faults in others, while you at the same time tend to be almost blind to see that you've got even larger faults, yourself.

The sole purpose of projecting is, for our soul (our real personal part of God), to force us to see all the aspects of ourselves. The soul does this because it wants us to grow, mature, and develop. The only way we can learn to love all aspects of ourselves, is to confront them through the image of others. Our soul projects all our different aspects onto everything and everyone around us, so that we may gradually learn to know them. And after a time, learn to like them. Then learn to love them. And finally love all the aspects of ourselves. Then we become Christs, like people we can read about in our history books. These are people like the great Ram of the Hindu people, prince Siddhartha Gouthama (the most famous of the Buddhas), Yeshua ben Yussuff (Jesus Josephson, from Nazareth; the most famous of the Christs), and many, many more loving matured ordinary human beings, that we never will hear about, until we finally learn to become like them ourselves.

The second coming of Christ, is, when all of us have matured ourselves adequately to become Christs. Christ is an ancient Greek word, far older than Yeshua, meaning «the anointed one», or simply: «realized god-human». The time-frame when we want «the second coming of Christ» to happen, is, in other words dependent that we all put ourselves forcefully toghether, and really do this work, so that you and me and all the rest of the living human beings on this planet, realize all aspects in ourselves, before it can happen. — When do you want the second coming of Christ in yourself to happen? Jesus already did it for him: He already is a part of eternity (also called «the Holy Instant»). Now it's your turn to do it for you…

When we choose to let ourselves fall in love with another entity, it really is aspects of ourselves that we have fallen in love with. The aspects of ourselves that we project onto the being we believe to be in love with. It is impossible to know another being without knowing oneself totally. The other being doesn't perceive reality as we do. The other person is also projecting his feelings and abilities onto his surroundings; including onto us.

When we choose to let ourselves be afraid of another being, it really is aspects of ourselves that we fear. We fear only the aspects of ourselves that we project onto this other being. Not the being that we believe we are afraid of. All humans perceive reality differently. We have just made up a model for what is generally perceived as «normal», so that we, in our very unique society, will be able to have something to relate to. Other societies have quite different models, and perceive each other totally different from how we do in our society. They perceive us as a bit crazy. Because they do not understand how we think, and thereby why we act like we do.

Many people of the working class have got a lot of trolls and monsters in their minds, connected to feelings they were forbidden to express in their past. These monsters and trolls are so being projected onto people in our society that we feel comfortable hating. It is an old and well-experienced truth among admitted gays, that those who hate homosexuals, only consist of closet-gays. People who are afraid of gays because of the trolls and monsters they've put in their minds when they arrested themselves for feeling such emotions, or rather: Chose to feel that they weren't allowed to express such «perverse» emotions, themselves. While the feelings themselves only felt good and beautiful. While people who are sexually conscious, be it heterosexual or homosexual, feel safe on their own sexuality; and therefore don't bother to hate homosexuals for being gay.

Perverse = morbidly-sadistic-and-abnormal. = A human being who get sexually aroused by first hurting and then contemplate other people or animals in their suffering. Quite often these perverts become violent and killers, since they seem to need stronger and stronger stimuli to acquire satisfaction.
Compare also with Nazism and dictator-of-thought.

When you are afraid of your feelings, this often derives from dogmatic thinking. When you believe to be absolutely true, everything that is written in the Scientific American, the Bible, the Talmud or the old texts of Tao Te King for instance. Then you become dogmatic and a dictator of thought towards others. You put yourself on your high-horse and proclaim what is right or wrong for people you haven't the slightest presupposition to comprehend how feel or think. If you dislike that other people who aren't like you, decide everything for you, you will understand how they feel, when you try to decide everything for them. Only extremely narrow-minded people believe that they can decide for others what to believe, think or feel — and get away with it!

When you possess aspects of yourself that you don't quite manage to relate to, in an adult fashion, you unconsciously project them onto other people in your surroundings. These people become in your mind, your «scapegoats». They become your representatives for the aspects of yourself that you don't feel mature enough to manage to relate to. And since it is quite easy to despise people who seem to live out the very same feelings that you hate when you discover them in yourself; you project these feelings onto these people, and blame them for seducing you to feel such despicable feelings. Thus you get scapegoats that you can give the responsibility and blame for the aspects of yourself that you are ashamed of.

When you feel that you need scapegoats to give the responsibility for your inadequate ability to love your own feelings, this is because you lack the vocabulary needed to label your own feelings. When you're able to nametag your feelings, you will eventually realize that they are your feelings. When you're unable to label them, due to an insufficient vocabulary, you will not recognize them as yours. Then you automatically perceive them as something beyond yourself. Something that doesn't concern you. Something that you don't have to bother your brains with. This is why you choose to forget that they exist. — Until you «coincidentally» allow yourself to let yourself bump into, and be forced to confront the people you unconsciously have selected to project your shameful aspects upon. So instead of despising your feelings for what you think they are, you choose to despise the people you project your feelings upon. This is how they become your scapegoats.

Systematized scapegoat-mentality

When we systematize our scapegoat mentality, so that we all accept that «this is how it is, and it has worked well for us, and therefore we don't bother to learn any different», everybody seems to think the same way. However, they only believe that they do. Unfortunately this is not how it is in reality. It will of course feel true to the ones who believe in it; because all truth is equally true. All truth is subjective. All truth is The Truth for the one who perceive this truth in his very particular way.

Truth cannot be described. Truth cannot be explained. Truth can only be experienced. All truth is in the eye of the beholder. And since we all perceive everything differently – because we all are unique – we all have different presupposition to perceive what is the truth. What is the absolute truth in your mind, doesn't have to be particularly significant to me. We can disagree about more or less everything, and despite this, still be friends. Strange, isn't it?

An example of the latter, is a former prime minister of Norway, Gro Harlem Bruntland, an educated medical doctor (who, at Med.-school, went to the same class as my psychiatrist mother), who was head of the Labour Party, and married to her Conservative Party member-husband Arne Olav Bruntland. They're still married and deeply in love with each other.

But in the working class, it is hard to disagree and still be friends. This because most of the members of the working class believe that «all think alike». This means that «either you're with me, or you're against me». Either you agree to all that I feel is true, or you disagree, and then you're not my friend. There is no midway. You can't be black and white at the same time. This is what we term «dualism».


The founder of dualism in our culture, was a man by the name of Yahweh, who, approximately six thousand years ago, used all his power to own his people, in the lands later to be known as Babylonia, the people who later became the Jewish people. We're still suffering under his fascistic «ten commandments», among other «laws» and «regulations».

When I state that I am «monistic», this means that I perceive us all as indispensable parts of one whole collective Super-Consciousness, or Supreme Creative Force of the Universe, whom some entities prefer to call «Lord-God», or «our Father». The knowingness that we all are indispensable to each other's existence. And that we all are different, and dependent upon each other's unique abilities to function together as a whole.

A person who is a dualist, perceives the reality and the rest of the universe as something «outside» of herself. She cannot imagine that what she disagrees with can also be true, perceived with another entity's eyes. She chooses unconsciously to believe that she has got the exclusive right to decide what is true for everyone. And therefore everything that doesn't agree with her very special perception of how everything «is», will be incorrect, wrong, impossible, or negative. It becomes the «enemy».

This enemy, is all people the dualist chooses to project all her unwanted aspects onto; so that she may get an ability to see them, and to relate to them. Unfortunately for the dualist, the purpose of projecting, is to get the opportunity to learn to love the currently unwanted aspects of herself, so that she can develop the ability to love all aspects of herself and become a whole entity. Rather, the dualist chooses to distance herself from all her unwanted feelings and aspects, by punishing those people that she unconsciously has projected these aspects of herself upon.


We perceive other races as inferior because they don't think and act exactly as we do and are used to feel that everybody «should» do; to avoid becoming a scapegoat in our very special and unique society, with our very special way of life.

We start perceiving our race as better than all other races. We start idolising our own speciality and our excellence of which we choose to believe that all the other races lack; because they do not «look», or «appear to be» exactly like «us».

We are sceptic to people who mix races. People who get «bastard-kids». We choose to perceive these kids as inferior and unwanted.

We gallantly choose to forget everything the genealogy research has taught us. This research states clearly that the opposite of race-mixing is in-breeding, and we choose to forget how dangerous in-breeding is, regarding the strong tendencies of amplifying inherited diseases and -deficiencies. We choose to forget that children of parents from different races are more beautiful, stronger, more resistant to diseases than we are, they are more intelligent because they've got more different cultural impulses than what we have, and have genetically more surplus to keep themselves in good shape and mood, than what we have. The cultural aspects of this also generally applies to children raised by gay couples, and straight infertile adopted parents, because the parents in these cases have to think more thoroughly through what raising a child implies, than fertile straight people, who too often (but far from always: even 10% is much too many) seem to get children as an unfortunate result of their mindless actions, rather than something they've been working hard for. This is not my words; just the scientific community of the atheist world — although I do not disagree with it.


The Aryan dream…

Parliamentary Dictatorship

In our society, scapegoat-mentality is put into system. Everyone accepts that the people we unconsciously choose to project the aspects of ourselves that we are ashamed of onto, gets punished because they – as unconsciously as we do – choose to accept this role that we give them. This system is what we call «parliamentary democracy». And we are immensely proud of it. Because we know of nothing better. —Please forgive us; we don't know what we're doing…


When the people of a country, let themselves get seduced by propaganda which tells them that those born in this country, and have lived here for a multitude of generations – they also must have the same skin colour and be of the same race (breed?) as the rest of the population – are the same people who have worked hard to make this country what it is today. Not their ancestors. And that they because of this hard work have got rights that aren't to be granted to others.


The original definition of fascism is simply that you unconsciously choose to allow yourself to let yourself get seduced by people who – as unconsciously as yourself – choose to feel inferior, to agree with them that they really are inferior to you, and then to act toward them accordingly.

I may seem rather fascistic to certain groups of dualist people — in some of the feedback that I have presented from all the letters I've got from you, you will see it clearly — namely among Jews, Fundamental Christians, Catholics, Atheïstic Idol-worshippers (also including: sectarian minds, «anti-Christ» worshippers, Satanists, devil-worshippers; or whatever strange, or odd expression they might find to choose to label themselves with), et cetera.


The positive aspects of socialism is that everybody is justified to have equal rights to everything. The negative aspects of socialism, is that nobody is allowed to experience a better or happier life than anyone else. This, of course, is perverted socialism, but this state exists and is present in socialism, and can therefore easily be tipped over by the narrow-minded working class, if one is not being alert. The key words here are jealousy, and lack of information and an insufficient vocabulary. The extremists of socialism want to have an armed revolution, killing all the «sponges» and the middle class of the society; including their own grandmothers and -fathers whom they love, since these young brainwashed people most often come from the middle class themselves, and feel pity for the poor working class.

In Norway, socialism has been combined with adequate information spread out among the working class all the time since World War II, and has therefore been quite successful to a certain degree, due to lots of old and confident souls in young and persevering minds, in key government positions. This would never have worked in the US of A, where most of the government consists of quite young revenge-minded souls in old bitter minds.


When scapegoat mentality is allowed so far that we wish to revenge ourselves on our scapegoats – because we unconsciously choose to believe that they have «stolen from us» our freedom; or what we now choose to believe that we have lost – we become bitter. We become revenge-minded. We wish to inflict a cruel revenge upon «those thieves».

When we are so bitter, that we will do anything to get «justice» in our existence, we become militant. We build ourselves a civic guard, and take the job from what we choose to perceive as «the incompetent police», into our own hands. We «clean up» our society. We let our revenge strike those of us who have taken the role as Homosexuals, Negroes, Jews, Muslims; all «dangerous» or ethnic groups among our population. And in particular, those of us who have little ability to defend themselves, because they are easier to attack without getting conscious of guilt, after we're finished killing them and have destroyed the lives of their loved ones.

We distribute propaganda among the rest of the population about how unworthy and dangerous these people are, and what a waste it is to let them continue to live like «us», and how important it is to get rid of them.

KIKE, KIKE, Weasel-like,
scheming since a hook-nosed tyke…

Counts his pennies day and night,
squeals if one rolls out of sight.

Promotes a thousand social ills,
for which you'll have to foot the bills.

…Eventually in love he falls,
and weds a shrew who swipes his balls…

Soon this pair of whining scum,
will beat their breasts just like a drum…

And lie about the loved ones lost,
in a myth they call «the holocaust».

Coarse and pushy…
greedy and trite…

Text & drawing: A. Wyatt Mann


Nazism — or National Socialism — is this bitterness put into system. When such large parts of the population have let themselves become seduced by this propaganda, to such an extent that they use their vote to elect «strong men and women» who will go ahead as «good role models», and realize the wishes of this propaganda.

Nazism occurs in a society when the majority of the population is projecting those aspects of ourselves of which we don't recognize, due to lack of an adequate vocabulary, and of which we no longer manage to relate to so that we are able to take responsibility to ourselves in a proper fashion. When the majority of the population in a society so totally choose to disclaim their responsibility for themselves and their own actions, this society becomes a living hell of a kindergarten, full of offended and vindictive children in old, powerful minds:

Then I say:

—Your ego's writing checks your body can't cash! You're acting like a vindictive, mindless fool! You believe that you are an unjustly treated (Nazi?)! You believe in cold revenge as part of Legal Justice. You believe that the individual that is you, is created by God «himself» specifically to rule over all other «races» or «species» in this Universe. And you do not realize that all individual souls in this whole Universe, is essential to your mere existence. Even the individual souls of every angel, ghost, deva, nature-spirit, mineral, amino-acid, plant, animal, and incarnated god – are as dependent on your existence, as you are dependent on them to exist! And the sum of all this is what we call God. You and everyone else. You and every soul in your distorted perception of this vast Universe. Please do not be so stupid that you allow yourself to blame your own «guilt» of allowing yourself to forget that you are responsible for all your acts, through-out your incarnation: You cannot blame anyone else for your choices. —Not even some blockhead androïd with a stupid beard, named «Yahweh», or «Allah»…

Then I am the first to pack my suitcase and flee the country. 'Cause because of the paragraph above, I am one of the first to get shot. – You see; since I perceive myself as a Galactic Human, I'm not afraid of anything or anyone; and I recognize that only fear can kill or create «accidents». I flee because I recognize that I am needed elsewhere, and cannot afford to get killed owing to the fact that some immature child-soul's belief systems should crave it. Neither am I able to keep my mouth shut if I should stay

I have received e-mail from people who say that «Nazism sucks». Those who say that to me as an answer to this text, cannot have read it. Because when you say that something outside of yourself sucks, you are only talking about your own projections. The only way to fight Nazism – if that is the aim of your fight – is to love the ones clinging to it, and thus start the journey on the huge task of loving all of your projections; all the aspects of yourself! What you love cannot hurt you. What you fear, you give away your power to, and thus give it the power to hurt you. The fear is the greatest killer of them all. Stop fearing!

My definition of fear is: «Total lack of love directed towards that which you fear.»

Fear of diseases and failure equals lack of love directed toward yourself. Start loving yourself. Begin to heal yourself to eventually become whole…

In the country that I come from (Norway), such a low percentage of the population consists of young souls, that Nazism has never got hold of the base crowd (the majority of the voters), like it has in countries like Germany and the US of A, etc. where the base crowd consists of much younger souls. Since young souls feel dependent upon a much stricter framework to keep them feel safe (to keep their peers in place) than old souls do, these countries have far better «breeding-conditions» for racism, fascism and eventually Nazism, than the Scandinavian countries have. And since we on top of this have parliamentary democracy, where all communities in the country have got the same percentage of vote, while most of the younger souls reside in the higher populated cities; the chance that the younger souls gets more power than they can handle, is very slim. This means that one vote in Alta community counts for approximately fifty votes in Oslo, since there are approximately fifty times more people in Oslo than in Alta. But since the average young soul of this country does not know this, because they don't care to find out anything for themselves, they don't protest against it. This makes the government of this country extremely stable and safe against war. And at the same time extremely intelligent and resourceful in international relations. The result is a well-educated, wealthy and peaceful society, compared to the rest of this turmoil world. Of course; we also do have a few racists and Nazis, but they don't get so powerful that they can create much trouble for you; if you aren't so shy that you deny your friends, colleagues and neighbours to help you. Because if you but ask them, you will discover that they long to help anyone with anything! – It helps them to feel useful and alive; even patriotic about it. And furthermore, it will help them tie bonds of friendship with you, which will last on forever. You will be incorporated into their society; get the right connections to get better jobs; become a part of their family, so to say. And they sorely do need your input; or do you want them to keep on being ignorant about you and therefore afraid of you and scared of what you might do if you get loose? No! Racism and fear is always a two-way thing. And as much the responsibility of the offended as the terrified «self-defending» attacker…


When you raise your children to feel guilty for things you think they've done – a guilt they themselves don't feel are justified, and therefore refuse to feel – then you tell them that they are ill-natured or vicious. When they have been told enough times that they are malicious because they don't feel guilty when they feel that they have been treated unfairly, they eventually let themselves become brainwashed to feel that they are evil; since they «always get blamed for everything, anyway». And since by knowing yourself, thus you know others. When they are used to feel that they are being wicked, they get blunt and apathic in relation to their own feelings. They get difficulties in feeling proud and loving. They «forget» to love themselves. They let themselves get told that to love oneself is to be selfish and egoïstic. When they stop loving themselves, they easily fall for the temptation of despising themselves. When they scorn themselves, they get contemptuous toward others.

When Yeshua ben Yussuff said that «Thou shalt love thy neighbour like thou love thy self», this was only an ironic joke to him. There were no-one in his surroundings who loved themselves. They all despised themselves. And they scorned they're fellow human being. Yeshua got himself a good laugh by this joke. His disciples never got the point, because they all despised themselves. It's a silly joke to say that you shall love your neighbour as you love yourself. This happens automatically. When you love all the aspects of yourself, you only project aspects of yourself that you love, onto everyone and everything around you; and thus you automatically love everything and everyone around you. When you love everything and everyone around you, you automatically love these aspects of yourself. When you despise yourself, you automatically get «a healthy scepticism» toward everything and everyone else. When you are sceptic toward others, you automatically despise the same aspects of yourself. The only ones you then «love», are the ones who lick up to your boots, and never disagree with you. But that is not love. It is called self-pity.

When your real friends, the ones who care about you and who love you, disagree with you because they are concerned, you automatically perceive them as «the enemy». You choose to forget that they really are your friends, and that they care about you. You wish to get away from learning. You wish to get away from developing. You wish to get away from maturing. Why? Because you choose to perceive everything that are different than what you're used to, as sinister and potentially dangerous. «—This is the way it's always been, and it has worked well for me, and therefore I'll always continue to be like this». Simple and easy. But unfortunately; more haste, less speed. If you choose not to go further on the journey of life; get to know other people that have got new ideas and another cultural background, you'll automatically become scared of strangers. You'll continue to be that scared little child who wasn't allowed to talk to strangers by your worried parents. You refuse to grow up.

You continue to be a slave of your own limited ideas about how everything has been and therefore always shall continue to be. You don't understand the concept of development. Development towards the future says clearly that all people eventually will realize that they all are creative and creating gods. Everyone will eventually become fond of all aspects of themselves, and therefore love everything and everyone else. If you feel that you need more incarnations before you'll manage to think this far, then that's your own very private business. Grant yourself that long process of maturing yourself, if that is what you need. But know that this will happen.

In our future, not only mixing of races will be common, but also mixing of species. When gods from other star systems comes here to learn to know us, they not only learn to know us. They learn how to love us, and we them. We are their forgotten aspects about themselves, and they are ours. We are all siblings in God. We all perceive everything differently, from our very special perceptions on reality and convictions. We can never become quite even or equal. We don't even want to become quite even to anyone else. If we did, we wouldn't be able to learn anything new about ourselves through the image of others. Every time you feel bored, it is because your soul tells you: «I've got enough of this kind of feeling! Find something else to do, that'll give you new experiences, and in return will give me new feelings!» This is why boredom is the most important feeling of them all. It creates change when you dare listen to it. And variety is the spice of life. The meaning of the dream about the «living human», is to gather as many feelings as possible; every kind of different feelings. They are the one thing you'll bring with you if you leave your body and «die». And when God — the sum of us all — and all that we are made of — has learned everything learnable about himself, through us all, then the thing happens which we call «to enter Paradise». Then we all merge together, and God becomes whole again. But this event is about 50 billion years ahead of us into your present future, so you've got plenty of time to mature; at your very special terms…

From a letter to a friend in 1994

«…It feels much safer and more comfortable to continue to live in this hell, and be tired all the time, and bore myself to death, and not like the food that I eat, and always feel poor and moneyless, and not have any close friends, and perish. Rather than do something about it. Because that is namely unknown and eeirie. And second, I don't know the result in advance – and that probably makes it feel more dangerous than anything!

I have lived in this delusion too long now. Now I want to wake up! I have experienced to feel more and more awake, as time has passed. I have also begun to understand why I can't stand surprises. Why I still don't manage to become happy when someone gives me something, or tells me something I didn't know about in advance. Like when you celebrated my 30th birthday with a surprise party with the whole beautiful gang present. It was abominable. I was sour and grumpy all the time and didn't manage to become joyous! Not even grateful!

I have now begun to understand the reason why: When my ma was a child, she never got to experience the joy of looking forward to Christmas and to wonder about what she was going to get, because her parents told her in advance what she were to get in presents. This is why she spent a lot of energy to «make us tense», by sneaking and stealing around, and lock the door to where the presents were hidden. My problem was that I didn't have any energy to feel tense. So instead I felt nauseous and sick and dizzy. And when at last Christmas Eve arrived, I didn't manage to be as joyous and surprised as I tried to act; because they all expected it of me, the adults…

I remember this waiting as sheer torture; a nightmare, that I never, never again wish to experience. It was revolting. This may be some of the reason why I have such severe difficulties in lying, or making stupid secrets I can't see any reason to keep. I just love to share; and I guess this makes me sort of «anti-paranoïd»…

Now I feel that I use this emotional blockage constructively, to avoid feeling interested in reading weekly magazines about the private life of the king and the queen and all the uninteresting base-crowd celebrities.

The bottom line of this document is FEAR. If you don't understand this document, it is because you permit yourself to be afraid of other human beings, animals, houses, dreams or «nightmares». That is what National Socialism is all about: Fear. When you permit yourself to be afraid of something or somebody, you fear it or them. When you fear, this means that you feel total lack of love towards whatever or whoëver it is you are afraid of. When you have total lack of love towards something, this makes you «evil» in the object of your fear's mind. Instead of loving, you do the opposite: you FEAR. Fear makes you want to defend yourself. Often with violence. This makes you a Nazi towards whatever or whoëver you fear. If you don't understand this document, it is because you are a Nazi. Think about it. Think about what it means. How dangerous you are. Just because you are afraid.

So stop fearing your siblings in God! We all love you. If you'll just permit yourself to see it. If you fear sexual child-abusers, for instance, it is because you haven't yet experienced how it is to be a  sexual child-abuser. You haven't incarnated that type of incarnation yet. This makes you an inexperienced and «young» soul. When you have experienced it, you will no longer fear the  sexual child-abuser. You will instead feel love towards him or her. And you will try to help, instead of wanting to punish or even kill that someone. So long as you want to punish or kill people you are afraid of, you are a Nazi. Just realize it. And if you think it is serious, try to do something about it. You don't have to experience everything in the physical to know it, you know. You can also use your imagination. This is perhaps the most important tool we have in our lives. For instance you can visualize how it is to be a child-molester. Feel the fear against the children. The annoyance. The irritation. The hate. The self-defence. The violence. And you will be able to understand how the child-molester feels, without having to go through that incarnation yourself. You may do the same with the sexual child-abuser. Feel the sexual attraction towards the children. Feel the easy manipulation. Feel the threats of not revealing anything to anyone else. Feel the excitement. Feel the joy, of having sex with a sobbing or even screaming child. Extrapolate these feelings, so that you don't have to incarnate that life yourself.

You see, when you die, and plan your next incarnation, you will always incarnate as the one thing you really hated in your previous incarnation. Like the Nazis who died during or just after the Second World War. How they incarnate as Jews today. And they haven't changed a bit. They're as militant and unforgiving towards the Palestinian and Lebanese people of today, as they were then towards the Jews. And the Jews who died in the Concentration Camps. How they incarnate as Neo-Nazis today. Because they couldn't imagine how it would be to even think like those monsters in their former lifetime. They had to experience it in the flesh to be able to extrapolate those feelings. Your soul is only out on one quest. It is to collect feelings. Every type of feelings there is. And if it can't get you to feel them through your mere thoughts, it will force you to experience it in the flesh.

This is called the Law of Karma. But it is easy to omit:

When you have felt how it is to be a child-molester or a sexual child-abuser in your imagination, you will be able to love the child-molester and the sexual child-abuser, and try to help him or her to see what they are doing. Instead of prosecuting or killing them. Making them defend themselves. Because then you will force them to continue. And if you manage to get a person you hate (out of fear) killed, with a clear conscience; you will have to follow the Law of Karma, and incarnate such an incarnation yourself. —Please tell me you're not that stupid! —Please tell me you're not a fearful, defensive Nazi!

When you are an «old» soul, like me, you will understand this intuïtively. You will love everyone and everything. No matter what. You will not permit yourself to feel annoyed. Because you understand the reason to all this stupid fear. The short-mindedness. The stupidity. And you will also understand why children who experience this kind of treatment, really do need those feelings to become whole. The molesters and abusers of today have been victims themselves, in a former lifetime. And then they were too hurt to be able to feel any forgivness, or even tolerance towards their encroachers. Without having the fortune of meeting loving people like you, who have had the patience to explain to them in love, what they're doing by their unforgiving judgements. And how they can utilize their imagination to the fullest extent instead of having to experience it for themselves to understand.

I must admit that I have not had this fortune myself. I had to incarnate all those aspects of my feelings. Until I was sick and tired of them. Until they bored me. Whenever you feel bored, it is because your soul is telling you: «I've got enough of this kind of feeling! Use your imagination to invent something else to do, so that you will get new experiences, and I will get new feelings out of them!» This is why Boredom is the most important feeling there is to listen to. If you don't listen to your Boredom, you will get a very compromised and stressful life. I do not dare not to listen to that particular feeling!

This is why I can write about this now, without feeling fear. Only love. Towards everyone and everything. I am only here to be helpful. This site is about love. Use it! Copy it! Do whatever you want with it: I do not respect copyrights. Not for me! I think it to be a barbaric invention and very unfortunate. Made by people who have forgotten what love and creation is all about. They only believe in loss. I believe in sharing everything for everyone. I believe that for everything I give to this world, I get tenfold back. No matter what I give. —So what the heck, then, is the point in giving anything but unconditional love? —That's what we all want, isn't it? Everything else, is just some kind of evil: Fear.

I talk to a lot of people about this. Most of the old souls I encounter tend to say things like: «You hit the nail on the head there!» or «You have given definition to many questions I have pondered for quite some time!». While most of the young souls I encounter tend to say that I over-simplify the matter, just like the Nazis themselves do.

Maybe you also think that I do that? —Well I don't. And if you do, you're just making it more complex than it really is, just because you want to find an easy solution to the problem. And this is just because you're afraid to «think too much». Because you were brought up to believe that to «think too much» was the most dangerous thing you could do. Well, it isn't. It's not possible to think too much. It can however be very dangerous not to think adequately to function properly. It really isn't a question about thinking too much or too little. The question is how you think. Quality; not quantity. This document is meant as a help for you to start going in the «right» or «safe» direction. It will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary and painful incarnations.

Take care of yourself, now. And if you deny yourself to learn to live in love with everyone and everything, I hope you will «rest in peace» when you are finished with your fearful, self defending incarnation, and do not continue to be afraid and become a stupid and ignorant revenge minded ghost for too many boring and painful years – like I have done…

—Although I grant you every feeling you feel that you need.

If you want to read more about how I came to these «easy» or «simple» conclusions, you may read on about my experiences of fear here:

And why I ended up abandoning it. Also about how you can extrapolate these feelings without having to reïncarnate thousands of fearful lives to get them; also like I have done…

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