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StarTrek began in NBC as an experiment by Gene Roddenberry during the mid 60's, and is now being produced by Paramount. In the 80's they started to produce StarTrek The Next Generation (ST:TNG), where it took several million US-dollars to produce one of every single episode. In the 90's they continued the saga with StarTrek Deep Space Nine (ST:DS9), and in '95 with StarTrek Voyager (ST:V). I've been hooked on StarTrek since I was a little child and with staring eyes, wathced the first episodes on BBC in England. I've got all the cinema presentations on NTSC-laser video. And most of the episodes from ST:TNG and ST:DS9 on Dolby Surround PAL-VHS. I have not yet had the pleasure to watch ST:V, since they 'till now not have emerged in Scandinavia.

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Soap in Space --- I love it!

An introduction to the television series. --- These sites also contain pictures from the series to download

StarTrek Voyager serie 5:s 26 nya episoder sendas nu på SVT2,
alla ordinära (inte sportsfanatiker-) söndagar kl 19:15
1:a episod sendes söndagen den 12:te augusti i 2001.
Sveriges Television

I've got most of the 50 first episodes of Babylon 5 on Dolby Surround PAL-VHS. Babylon 5 is WarnerBrother's answer to Paramount's ST:DS9.

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One of their songs; be patient…



















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