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If any of you guys out there have seen the motion picture «Boys on the side» with Whoopee Goldberg, here you may grab your guitar and sing along with her in the song
«You Got It!»:
You Got It!


If you want to listen to my first quasi-intellectual MPeg2Layer3 (MP3)-uploads of Norwegian Piano-music by Grieg, Sinding and Sæverud, please continue on here:

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My GayMaze continues through here:
Please feel free to e-mail me if you need some help!
's censored stuff
Please feel free to e-mail me if you need some help!
There are some Age Verification-obstacles though this link, but only to prevent immature «children» of all ages from stumbling into unsuitable pictures that they might allow themselves to get shocked by! The initial idea behind this site, was to try and mix Pantheïstic enlightenment with gay pornography; in order to promote Pantheistic Thought to gay porn-hunters.




















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