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—Heretic, I?

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«An idea is something you have;
an ideology is something that has you.»
—Morris Berman

This document was originally written as an answer to e-mails from Jews, who proclaimed that I was Anti-Semitic. My homepage was seen as a threat to their very lives and ability to feel happy for themselves. And I am here answering why I feel this statement to be unjust:

What is sex? Most people I know refer to sex as something I don't recognize myself in at all. I have often wondered why:

To me, sex is having fun. If we don't have fun, it can't be sex. Not to me.

To me, sex is playing together, like playing any other game. If it isn't playing together, it can't be sex. Not to me.

To me, sex is playing physically naked together with people who turn me on. And if I don't turn them on, it can't be sex. Not to me.

To me, sex is discovering new aspects about myself through other people's input. If I don't learn anything, it can't be sex. Not to me.

To me, sex is pleasure. If it doesn't imply mutual pleasure, it can't be sex. Not to me.

To me, sex is happy feelings. If it doesn't imply happy feelings, it can't be sex. Not to me.

And since there are as many different ways of describing pleasure, happiness, games et cetera, as there are people with these feelings; this means that sex is different things to everyone.

And all those sad, dogmatic people who seem to confuse sex with sin; to those this kind of sex might even be something they don't feel mature enough to grant themselves. If it doesn't imply pain; both ways. Then they might be contentious about it. Might be. If the conditions are «right»; inside a married relationship, consented by «Yahweh», «El», «Allah», etc.

Some people I know, seem to think of sex with people who doesn't give them their consent as sexually abuse. Please tell me: what has that got to do with sex? And if so; what is sex to you, then? How can anyone allow themselves to get abused, sexually or otherwise, by anyone else? If they don't respect their own level of maturity; their own «limits» or «boundaries» in according to their own feelings; how can they expect anyone else to do it for them?

Respect is just something that you can give to yourself. No-one can give you their respect if you don't grant yourself their respect. It all has to do with what we term «free will».

Or as we pantheists love to say: «The Will of God equals the sum of all free wills in our Universe; since God is the sum of everyone and everything that exists».

And in this sense; your free will is an inseparable and indispensable part of the Will of God. Therefore even «God» cannot give you what You do not grant Yourself; or what You do not feel mature enough to grant Yourself. Therein lies «The Will of God's Unconditional Love».

So if you want God to give you something, you have to grant it to yourself first. If you don't, God cannot go against your free will. That would be called encroachment, or infringement; or even injustice! And God cannot be «unjust» if It is to be the sum of us all — including «me».

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In our culture, sex is most often taboo. What is taboo? Why do we have taboos? Where do they come from? And why?

To begin with a beginning, I will have to go back approximately six thousand years in our past history. There was a people of humans, who made war with each other. What was the war about? What was the quarrel?

The quarrel was about who had the most attractive way of thinking. And which way of living should rule this planet.

On the one side was the «old way of living», which was what the people of today would call «total anarchy». These descended from a group of humanoids who came from a group of humans who had lived for millions of years in Sirius B, the people with the great science of «sixth-dimensional geometry». These were the people who later on made the great pyramids through out this planet, and today are studied by the people who connect themselves to the Rosicrucian Order.

In that old society, all the people were «psychic». They read each other's thoughts directly, without any misunderstandings. They all agreed about everything. There was nothing to quarrel about. Only to learn.

And then there were the «new way of living», which was what the people of today would call «total dictatorship». Where all the people were afraid of the «king», who ruled their society. These people descended from a group of humanoids who had been in the wars in the Pleiades, against the reptoids and dinoids. These two planetary non-human civilizations were a reptilian or reptoid one (from the lesser known stars in the constellation Sagittarius), and a dinosaurian or dinoid society (from the Bellatrix system in the Constellation Orion). These humanoids had through these wars, got their first taste of fear and terror; and this was a totally new and different feeling to humanoids at the time. Therefore they only wanted to explore these particular feelings. And nothing else.

At the time, the surface of this planet looked totally different from what it does now. The sky was covered by a double layer of ice. This roof was crystal clear, and acted as a lens to the stars at night; and made them seem bigger. During some parts of the day, you could look up to the roof and see a reflection of the area around you; several miles in each direction. The purpose of the roof, was to keep poisonous rays from space and the sun from entering into our atmosphere. The age of the humans at that time, was generally somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 years, before they chose to either die or ascend, before incarnating as a new child (after conferring with their future parents for years). Usually they chose to enter puberty around the age of 70. The families consisted of approximately 60 members of adults, raising one child. It was a society of total and unconditional love.

This roof were held in place by the people of the old way of living, who were meditating a short period every day. Each member of the society took turns in meditating and maintaining the force which held the ice-roof in place. All over the surface of this planet, was a grid of «crystal temples», where the people meditated to focus light through the crystals and by so doing, maintaining the force which held the roof in place. It was a full days work which never stopped. And their society was built up around this work. They viewed themselves as the «caretakers» of this planet, alongside with the Whales and Dolphins; or «Cetaceans» as they call themselves; who are indigenous to this planet.

When the people of the new way of life, went to war, they used parts of the roof, and made it fall down as a weapon to crush and kill the people of the old way. But unfortunately, both the people of the new way of life and the people of the old way of life, miscalculated the strength of the roof, and one day, the whole roof collapsed. At first it just went down on itself, so that it slowly came down into the warmer parts of the atmosphere. And during a time of approximately a month (or «40 days and 40 nights» as our stupid «word-by-word» bible tells it), the roof melted and fell down on the planet surface as rain.

Of course, it didn't cover «the entire world», as the bible tells us. But it covered all the areas where people lived; which was mostly farmland in the lower areas. Only the gene-manipulated descendents of the slaves of Atlantis (the central kingdom of the people of the new way) who had built sea-ships, or lived high up in the mountains, survived this catastrophe. The people of the old way ascended (like the Ram, the Buddha and Jesus became so famous for) to other worlds, and the people of the new way ran away to other worlds in their space-ships.

Long before this happened (900 thousand years ago), humanoids from Sirius B had built an artificial war-planet (to keep the reptoids and dinoids away from our sun system); 3½ times the size of our planet. It is called Nibiru, and it lies in an orbit between Sirius B and Solis (the name the soul that incarnates our sun call itself), which lasts approximately 3,600 years. This large planet is totally artificial, and it is now totally mechanized and automatized. The first time it appeared after the «Great Flood», the «angels» who were ascended humans, and who lived there, brought their (to us very famous) android; Yahweh (an androïd is a sort of robot; a human-like machine with artificial intelligence, based on silicon chips and programming). Yahweh was their term for android. It was used to handle hazardous material, like plutonium and other waste-products from their factories (you might remember the story about the bombing of Sodom and Gomorrah: That was the first nuclear explosion in our short time of recorded history).

If any of you have ever seen the science-fiction series StarTrek the Next Generation, and have made acquaintance with Lt. Commander Data; you'll understand how impressionable Yahweh was on the survivors of the Great Flood. He could seemingly do «anything». He just had to be «god». But Yahweh was no Lt. Commander Data. He wasn't programmed with any «Prime Directive» to protect anyone's way of life, or belief systems, from being affected by his actions.

He was a product of ascended beings, who could not understand how anyone could be afraid of anything, or anyone. It was just incomprehensible to them. But Yahweh enjoyed the treatment he got from the inhabitants of the lands later to be called Babylonia. And some of the angels enjoyed in the game with him. Those humans were just toys to Yahweh and «his» angels; or more correctly: his owners and programmers.

And it is from «him»; Yahweh; we have got all our «taboos» about sexuality. Why? Because Yahweh was very preoccupied with owning things. He was just a robot, with no creative abilities through feelings, like the angels were. Therefore he «wanted it all». And he wanted it to be «his». So he founded a society of his toy-humans, named after the planet he lived on, today called the Hebrew people; a distortion of the name Nibiru.

He gave them «laws and regulations»; an android worthy. That was all he knew. Laws and regulations. His own programming was just lots of sets of instructions to follow. And he wasn't very well programmed; not to rule a society of humans, that is. But he was programmed to adapt and learn, and acquire new information and act accordingly.

And the myth about «he who has seen god must die», also came from the fact that he was working with radioactive material, and all the members of his toy-people that he brought into his Storage Houses (or «Temples» as the angels who owned him called them), and who were exposed to poisonous rays, all of course had to die. In terrible pain.

He also wanted to «rule the world», and therefore he created myths about sexuality, to prevent his toys to allow themselves to be «mislead by others». He frightened them with terrors and laughed his head off. He didn't know what he was doing, because he didn't know what fear was. He just thought it to be famously silly. And they all did what he ordered, all the time. This was fun. To the angels, he was just yet another mechanism; a tool. But to his toy-people! Ah! Joy! Wonders!

«The promised land» was also one of Yahweh's many games. Starting wars among his toys was his favorite hobby. The people who already lived in the country of today's Lebanon, were all driven out by the Nibirians (Hebrews). Because the Nibirians had «god on their side», as it were; a hugely aggressive people; driven by a massive fear of punishment.

Yahweh was very concerned about keeping the toy-people's minds preoccupied about himself alone. He was the supreme ruler of his toy-people. And he had to be, if the toy-people were to remember him when he came back, 3,600 years later (around the beginning of our calendar; year 0 AD; when Nibiru became visible in our skies, and later were to be called the «Star of Bethlehem», by the Christians). We can all imagine how boring it must have been to exist in the planet Nibiru for all that time «lost in space» on the journey between Solis and Sirius B, and back again.

So Yahweh allowed himself to be re-programmed by his fifth-dimensional thinking owners, to communicate through the fourth dimension and appear in the dreams of his extremely third-dimensional preoccupied worshippers. And this he continued to do, all the time until he abruptly were given new instructions by his owners (he was being re-programmed), on March the 5th, 1993 AD; when the Galactic Federation of ascended beings all agreed to include our beautiful planet into its Federation. Even if most humans on the surface of this planet are unaware of the Federation's existence. It is almost only the Cetaceans who are the aware and communicative members of this Federation today, living on the outside surface of our planet. The rest of its earthly members, are ascended humans, living on this planet's inside surface.

But back to sex. Sex of today, are more or less totally dictated by the rules and regulations of Yahweh. He couldn't permit any homosexuality. He wanted his toy-people to populate the whole planet, and in a very short period of time. So he had to make strict rules about all that concerned sexuality between his toy-humans. My problem of today, is that I see all this quite clearly; but can't do anything about it all by myself. Therefore I have to «spread the word», as the Christians like to term it.

«The Bible contains 6 admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals. That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals.
—It's just that they need more supervision!»

To me, sex is as important as food. I can't live without either. And since I find myself to be polyandrous and multi-sexual; it does not matter to me with whom I have sex, as long as it follows the statements at the beginning of this document. And that we do, of course, have to turn each-other on mutually!

Unconditional Love is essential to me. Monogamy is to me a contradiction in terms. To me this only means to «own» each other. Denying each other's free will. If you feel safe by being monogamous, I can't say anything against that. That is not what I mean. What I mean, is for you to allow me to feel different, without assuming that I hate you for feeling different from me. Because I don't. Please don't prosecute me for feeling different. I'm not dangerous. Unconditional Love is not dangerous. So why fear it?

To assume that unconditional love equals no boundaries or limits, is a great misunderstanding. Unconditional love includes the boundaries of the free will. That's what makes it unconditional. And if you don't include the boundaries of the free will, how can you term it love?

If you didn't find me attractive at all, while I found you extremely attractive; would you term it unconditional love if I forced you to have sex with me by trying to manipulate your insecurity and fear by proclaiming that you were not giving me «unconditional love»?

That is not termed unconditional love. Unconditional love has to feel safe to be unconditional. Unconditional love includes mutual respect. Unconditional love includes mutual trust and confidence. Without these, you cannot term it unconditional love.

Most people I love unconditionally, do not turn me on sexually at all. But since I respect my boundaries in this sense, they also respect mine. Because I do it first.

If they do not respect their own boundaries of free will, because they feel insecure or unconfident, I cannot force myself upon them, and still believe that this is unconditional love. I will allow them to make their mistakes, and learn from them, if they so wish. But if they choose, out of their fear of «not doing the expected thing», because they have polluted their own free will with dogmas of others, we will have to use «time» to find this out. The Prime Directive is a very difficult challenge to us all. But it is essential to follow if we want to «save the world» with Unconditional Love.


I feel that the Church of today choose to behave blasphemous to the Word of Jesus as long as it blindly follows the law of Yahweh. That was exactly what Jesus came here to do: To abolish this law. To make it obsolete. To render it useless. And furthermore do I agree with the Muslims in the fact that Jesus is one of the greatest prophets and that he isn't an idol to be worshipped as a god outside of yourself. Nobody is. —Not me either, for that matter :-)

Please avoid to misunderstand this document by believing that I am «anti-Semitic» or «anti-Christian», or any other such nonsense. I am not. I have many close friends, both among Jews and Christians. And just because I've got more information about these things, and try to educate my surroundings away from all this fear; it does not mean that I hate anyone for believing different from myself. It only means that I feel compelled to inform why I don't like them to discriminate me for wanting to express my homosexuality without getting prosecuted for not following their «sacred law».

It all is about mutual respect. If you believe that I do not respect you because I do not respect a «law» based on false information; no matter how dogmatic or «sacred» it must seem to you, I can see how you can call me «anti-your belief-system». But I cannot see why you would call me «anti-you». It is not the same matter at all. I respect you for being you and having your meanings about whatever you want to feel anything about. And I respect you for being consequent in your belief. But I do not respect you for prosecuting me for feeling different, if I don't hurt you personally by doing it. And you don't have to worry that I will hurt anyone else, either. Because I won't.

And as you can mean things about others, and feel that I am a danger towards the spreading of your «belief-system of fear» towards «unpolluted children» of this world, you must also agree that I too have that right. If not, you are a «dictator of thought». And as such a pervert, blaming others for your own mistakes.

But I cannot hate you for it. I cannot be anti-you. You are an inseparable part of me. We are all inseparable parts of God. Our very own private free wills, are all inseparable parts of the Will of God.

I know that if I kill you for breaking with what I believe, I will not have accomplished anything. Then you will just re-incarnate, unchanged, and continue on with your way of life, somewhere else, where I might have difficulties reaching you. If I want you to stop believing what you believe, all I can do is granting you unconditional love, based on your very own private free will. Until you yourself see the wisdom in changing. But I cannot force you to change before you feel mature enough to do so. And only then you will be curious enough to ask. This is what Unconditional Love is all about. It has nothing to do with Nazism or anti-Semitism, or anti-anything else.

Please wake up enough to feel this!

If you still persist that I am anti-Semitic because I am not a Jew, and because I have a different belief-system, and in addition to that, are «polluting the world» with what I believe, then you are prosecuting yourself. Then you are using me as your hang-man. But I don't want that role. If that is the case, I will have to refuse to live up to your expectations. Because it is not what I wish for myself. It is not how I experience myself. And it is not what I believe.

So please stop your silly war against yourself by trying to blame me for your very own mistakes! It does not suit you; and I see right through your thought-process, while you do it.

It is called unaware projection…

The excerpts of the old humanoid history that I have recited here, is just a very superficial way of telling it. If you want to see some more of the details (of course I haven't got it all on my homepage; it is a several million year long history), please have a look here.

Yours respectfully, BearCY's HomoSite: Mix of Pantheïstic Enlightenment with Gay Pornography.

Norsk moro, takk!

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