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After promoting this book on this site for 11½ years, I received this letter from the publisher:

June 2, 2008

Dear Mr. Yawnerson,

I was doing a web-search today (June 2, 2008) and came across your website, We are flattered that you enjoyed Dr. Barbara Brennan's book, Hands of Light, but it is illegal for you to have her book and pages listed on your website without our permission. We kindly ask that you delete her book and the pages from her book on your site immediately. We understand that you most likely were not aware of this so we are going to give you 24 hours to take this information off from your site ( ) before we take further action.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. I wish you the best of luck in your journey of healing and self discovery. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Warm regards,
Mary Morrisey
Marketing Coordinator
Barbara Brennan School of Healing
(800) 924-2564

After sending my reply, asking permission to be allowed to continue promoting this book on this page, I got this response:

Dear Mr. Jaspersen,

This is not a personal matter... Taking pages from Barbara's book (or from any one's book) and putting them on your website is illegal. You are expressing to me in your email that it will take time to do this so I will give you until the end of this week to do so.

You do Not have permission from us or from Barbara's publisher to put pages from Hands of Light on your website or any of my information on your site. We understand that you were not aware of this and because of that we are kindly making you aware of this and giving you 5 days to remove the information from your site.

Again I thank you for your time and cooperation and wish you all the best.

Warm regards.

Mary Morrisey
Marketing Coordinator
Barbara Brennan School of Healing
(800) 924-2564

After asking again, and mentioning that I've got numerous letters from healers around the world, thanking me of making them aware of this fantastic book—so that they could buy it and use it in their daily work—she just sent me the above letter repeatedly, without any other changes than less and less days before she threatened to prosecute me, and thus shutting down my website.

Because of this, I felt that I just had to comply, and move the rest of these pages into the password protected part of my site. This content page is the only one I've kept outside the password protection. But only for integrity-reasons with the rest of my site. It contains only the table of content from the book, a description of the author and the artist, and the ISBN-numbers and how to get the book.

The Norwegian version of these pages, that I translated from the Danish book, «Det usynlige i helbredelse – en bog om healing og energier» (The invisible in healing—a book about healing and energies) by Helen Gamborg, the author has permitted me to keep on my pages; in order to promote her book for her. But I guess the Americans is just a bit too paranoid to function properly and share information freely to use by anyone? Everything just has to be about money to them. And since this is a pay free site, I guess it's not up to their standards. Well, well! Them about that!

Inside the password protection, I've copied this text rather than just translating the Danish text from Det usynlige i helbredelse («The Invisible about Healing») into English. It wouldn't make much sense translating the Danish text to promote a Danish book to English-speaking readers!

Although the text I've copied here contains more or less the same topics as the Norwegian text does, the English book «Hands Of Light» is much more comprehensive than «Det usynlige i helbredelse», and thereby more difficult for me to extrapolate from. I have translated the corresponding parts of the Danish book into Norwegian to promote it while using it, since my Norwegian-, Danish- and Swedish-speaking readers will have no problem understanding and reading a Danish book. You can see that the Norwegian text takes up much less space; this only means that «Hands of Light» is extremely thorough.

A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field
This book is a must for all aspiring healers and health-care givers, an inspiration to all who want to understand the true human being.
This book is dedicated to all travels on the path homeward

(of the text part of the book; separate contents for illustrations and List of Exercises, not copied here) The book is quite large, in A4-format, with two columns on each page. This is the reason why there are so few pages to each chapter. I've made hyperlinks to all the copied text. I am not going to copy any more of this book, so if you want to read on (something I hope you'll do), please provide yourself a copy!


Part I

Chapter 1 The Healing Experience 3
Chapter 2 How to use this book 9
Chapter 3 A Note on Training and the Development of Guidance 13

Part II

Introduction The Personal Experience 19
Chapter 4 Parallals Between How We See Ourselves and Reality and Western Scientific Views 21
Chapter 5 History of Scientific Investigation into the Human Energy Field 29
Chapter 6 The Universal Energy Field 37
Chapter 7 The Human Energy Field or Human Aura 41

Part III

Introduction The Therapeutic Experience 59
Chapter 8 Human Growth and Development in the Aura 61
Chapter 9 Psychological Function of the Seven Major Chakras 71
Chapter 10 Chakra or Energy Center Diagnosis 81
Chapter 11 Observation of Auras in Therapy Sessions 89
Chapter 12 Energy Blocks and Defense Systems in the Aura 101
Chapter 13 Aura and Chakra Patterns of the Major Character Structures 109

Part IV

Introduction The Cause of Illness 131
Chapter 14 The Separation of Reality 133
Chapter 15 From Energy Block to Physical Disease 137
Chapter 16 The Process of Healing, an Overview 147
Chapter 17 Direct Access of Information 153
Chapter 18 Internal Vision 157
Chapter 19 High Auditory Perception and Communication with Spiritual Teachers 169
Chapter 20 Heyoan's Metaphor of Reality 177

Part V

Introduction Your Energy Field Is Your Instrument 185
Chapter 21 Preparation for Healing 187
Chapter 22 Full Spectrum Healing 201
Chapter 23 Healing with Color and Sound 237
Chapter 24 Healing Trans-temporal Traumas 243

Part VI

Introduction Transformation and Self Responsibility 253
Chapter 25 The Face of the New Medicine: Patient Becomes Healer 255
Chapter 26 Health, a Challenge to Be Yourself 265
Chapter 27 The Development of a Healer 273



Love is the face and body of the Universe. It is the connective tissue of the universe, the stuff of which we are made. Love is the experience of being whole and connected to Universal Divinity.

All suffering is caused by the illusion of separateness, which generates fear and self-hatred, which eventually causes illness.

The only real «terminal illness» is simply being human. And being human is not «terminal» at all, because death is simply transition to another level of being.

I want to encourage you to step out of the normal «bounds» of your life and to begin seeing yourself differently. I want to encourage you to live your life at the cutting edge of time, allowing yourself to be born into a new life every minute.

I want to encourage you to allow your life experience to be lightly dusted with form.

About the author:

Barbara Ann Brennan is a practicing healer, psychotherapist and scientist. She was a research scientist for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center following the completion of the M.S. in Atmospheric Physics from the University of Wisconsin. For the past fifteen years she has been studying and working with the human energy field and has been involved in research projects with Drexel University and the Institute for the New Age. She was trained in Bioenergetics Therapy at the Institute for Psychophysical Synthesis, Community of the Whole Person, and in Core Energetic at the Institute for the New Age. She has studied with both American and Native American healers.

Barbara is currently teaching courses and giving workshops on the Human Energy Field, Healing and Channeling. She has given workshops in many areas of the United States, Canada and Europe. She conducts a private practice in New York City and East Hampton, New York. Barbara is a member of the Path work Community, Phoenicia, New York.

About the artist:

Joseph A. Smith has contributed illustrations to Time, Newsweek and Harper's. He illustrated the book Witches written by Erica Jong. A painter and sculptor, he is Professor of Fine Arts at Pratt Institute in New York.

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A Bantam Book
Simultaneous hardcover and
trade paperback editions in June 1988

All rights reserved
Copyright ©1987 by Barbara Ann Brennan
ISBN 0-553-05302-7
ISBN 0-553-34539-7


Buy it and read it—you'll probably keep it

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Lesson 1—Thoughts
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Spirit Science
Lesson 2—Chakras
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Spirit Science
Lesson 3—Channeling
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Spirit Science
Lesson 4—Male and Female Energy
YouTube iiaVazF1SIY—16:9—1920×1080p—0h09m27s

Spirit Science
Lesson 5—The Keys of our Past
YouTube adyqBP5selM—16:9—1920×1080p—0h11m05s

Spirit Science
Lesson 6—The Flower of Life
YouTube Ss1ajWeY_wc—16:9—1920×1080p—0h11m09s

Spirit Science
Lesson 7—Dimensions
YouTube jPkX0iOVX18—16:9—1920×1080p—0h10m16s

Spirit Science
Lesson 8—Meditation
YouTube jVSD66ZkF4g—16:9—1920×1080p—0h09m15s

Spirit Science
Lesson 9—Astral Projection
YouTube 8VB6h_bWR3Y—16:9—1920×1080p—0h15m19s

Spirit Science
Lesson 10—Math of God
YouTube HIXcq_UPFKc—16:9—1920×1080p—0h12m48s

Spirit Science
Lesson 11—Evolution
YouTube ha_9Omn9obk—16:9—1920×1080p—0h13m35s

Spirit Science
Lesson 12—The Human History Movie
YouTube U8NNHmV3QPw—16:9—1920×1080p—0h59m07s

Spirit Science
Lesson 13—The Crystal Movie
YouTube x6pYAiRqhio—16:9—1920×1080p—0h34m14s

Spirit Science
Lesson 14—Insights of Ascension
YouTube _kHV2Dpb3v8—16:9—1920×1080p—0h09m04s

Spirit Science
Lesson 15—Power of the Heart
YouTube 7c3AVj66ahg—16:9—1920×1080p—0h12m45s

Spirit Science
Lessons 16—The Shift of Ages
YouTube rpl02BM0HAk—16:9—1920×1080p—0h12m27s

Spirit Science
Lessons 17—Universal Geometry
YouTube KStDRQcV-Nc—16:9—1920×1080p—0h11m34s

Spirit Science
Lessons 18—The Four Elements
YouTube ChxvN4WjxWg—16:9—1920×1080p—0h11m56s

Spirit Science
Lessons 19—Cosmic Connections
YouTube 54RxU_MekPU—16:9—1920×1080p—0h10m35s

Spirit Science
Lessons 20—Water
YouTube XtDennZr5fA—16:9—1920×1080p—0h14m28s

Spirit Science
Lessons 21—Toroidal Flow
YouTube 1-4zdmd0TNU—16:9—1920×1080p—0h11m23s

Spirit Science
Lessons 22—EnLIGHTenment
YouTube kxWvWW_MQh0—16:9—1920×1080p—0h13m21s

Spirit Science
Lessons 01-22 Playlist
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