This document is about creation. What is creation? Why do we create? What do we create for? Who are the creators? I am a creator, so I will tell you. I create physical life for people. But I have strict rules to abide by. It is called «everybody's sacred free will». I can only create what the people who's around me want, and when they want it. I can not create against anyone's sacred free will.

(But of course I can try to manipulate their free wills, to nudge them into wishing differently, especially if they go beyond what I wish to deliver (defying my own sacred free will). I will, for instance never permit myself to do anything stupid, like killing anyone. Not because I'm «chicken». But because I do have experience from being in an accident that ended in death, so I realize what it will imply. I have acquired all the painful emotions of calling myself a «murderer». An episode like this, will spread out like rings in water. Everybody around the victim will get affected. And there's a lot of grief and sorrow, bad conscience for the rest of their lives and self-inflicted pain that will come out of such an episode. And I have exposed myself to people who wanted me to kill them, so I know that the feeling is real. But I only gave them what they needed; I didn't fulfill their egos desires. A nice warm hug, and a cheering smile. Love from my heart. And I told them about death, karma, reïncarnation, grief, achingly bad conscience and sorrow. I allowed for them a brief moment of remembrance of their vision, which they could choose to keep or dismiss, all according to what suited them best at that particular moment in their life. The ability to give love to everyone, and to receive tenfold back. It is called healing: To help people heal themselves.)

This is a problem that most people (egos) do not understand. They seem to think that a creator can create just about anything that he or she «wants». This because they think with their egos. No. This is wrong. We cannot create what the total of you do not wish us to create for you. The total of you are the will of God that «we» abide by. That is your ego, your spirit and your soul, all put together as one. Most of the time, you won't want to know what is what; or who is who.

When I say that I am a creator, it does not mean that I am the creator of this Universe. I am a creator of this Universe. And we are many creators out here. Please call us souls. If you do not know what a soul is, it is because you haven't got one (this is a belief; not a truth – but it is real enough for the believer). Because when you do have a soul, you create with it. All the «time». When you do not have a soul, you let your ego be in control. And you let your ego decide for you whatever shall be created in your life. Then you become miserable, because the only thing an ego can allow to be created for it (not by it, but by other egos or its own soul), is misery. Therefore you have to be nice to your ego, to get its trust and show it that you cannot create anything but what it wants. And then, when you have got its trust, you can create just about anything for it; because then it will choose differently.

Our soul resides in Eternity. Our ego resides in time. Our ego does not know what Eternity is, and our soul does not recognize time as something real. Therefore our soul creates a spirit, which can create in physical, three-dimensional time and give us the input the egos who will listen, need to function properly. The ego is not created by the soul. The ego is just a reflection of its surroundings. The spirit knows everything. The ego believes everything that it chooses to believe. The spirit can only know. The ego can only believe or choose not to believe. To the spirit there are no choices of what it «wants» to perceive. Because it knows there is nothing to perceive. It knows that we only project everything the ego believes that it perceives. This is heavy and difficult stuff. —Ponder about it, please!

We who create, also have «egos». We have to create our own «egos» in order to perceive anything of our physical surroundings; and thereby «create» an image of «what is to come»; or our «future». As if time has any space in Eternity? To illustrate this, I have added an e-mail that I received yesterday (the day before I wrote this):

«Subject: ????
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 23:12:49 -0700
From: "Espen Oskefisen" <>
To: Bear Cattlisle YAWNERSON <>

I do not understand what you think Ramtha has in common with homosexuality. I know the teachings of the Ram and have been practicing for over 10 years. Homosexuality is to be evolved. It is not balanced. I am not a Christian and I do not think it is a sin or anything like that. I am just not understanding why you use a picture of the Ram. Does this make you feel better or what?


Subject: Reply from BearCY
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 16:30:55 +0200
From: "Bear Cattlisle YAWNERSON" <>
To: Espen Oskefisen <>

Dearest Espen Oskefisen!

First of all: The reason why Ramtha is not incarnating a body at this time, is because he does not wish to be worshipped by anyone. Therefore there are no images or pictures of the Ram to be found anywhere. Not on this site; nor anywhere else. The only pictures I've got, are the pictures of Mrs. J. Z. Knight, who so graciously leaves her body from time to time, to let Ramtha use it to be able to communicate with us on the physical plane.

I don't think Ramtha has anything specific in common to homosexuality. That is not why I use him on my homepage. I use him on my homepage to try to enlighten homosexuals about what God is all about. That God is the sum of us all, no matter who we are, and that the will of God is the sum of all free wills in this universe, no matter how stupidly we will it.

I do not do this just to feel better about my homosexuality, because I feel quite well about being bisexual. It is not interesting to me what other people «might» think about my sexuality. It doesn't concern them. I've done that; been there. I do this to try to get the people who're just out hunting for gay pornography, to try to make them interested in deciding for themselves what they really want. This is why I mix Pantheïstic enlightenment with gay pornography.

I am a missionary, not just for Ramtha, but for all pantheïsts thinkers and creators. And since Ramtha has quite a lot of well eloquent and expressed thoughts, that I can use in this mission, I use them. With no thoughts what-so-ever about the perverted «Copy-Right Laws» that was invented by unscrupulous businessmen in the Western world, two centuries ago, in order to keep the third world poor (and they have succeeded!). They are just thoughts; and therefore free to use by anyone in this world, to anything we might think of. And I have no regrets using them.

I get lots of e-mail from gay people of all sexes, confirming just this. I confirm to them that they are God, and this is what they need to hear. Ramtha is just a language to me, that I have experienced works with the people I wish to reach. It is the language they speak as well. Ramtha is not some sacred Anti-Christ to be worshipped only by his few selected worshippers! Even you know that!

I hope that you appreciate this way of thinking. I guess that you too are a creator and a missionary for your philosophy. You also know that you cannot tell anyone «The Truth», because «The Truth» is whatever anyone choose to make it; every time they change their minds. And that they change their truth every second. So when they read my homepage, they will get another way of using their creativity. When they take this idea seriously and think about it, they will no longer perceive themselves as sinners and wrong-doers, just for being gay. So that they on the basis of this thinking, can rob a bank or someone they meet on the street. Because I can tell you that there are a lot of homosexual people about, who believe just that. And this inhibits their creative abilities. They get confused by this stupid issue. Homosexuality is not the issue here. Their bad conscience about it is. Because this allows them to create confirming experiences that allow them to show themselves that they really are perverted sexual abusers, and therefore «sinners» and «wrong-doers», and all in order to play out a roll of a scapegoat, and justify this stupid thought!

If my homepage seem to you to be an abuse of the philosophy of Ramtha to condone homosexuality, I have to apologize. Because this is not the issue for me at all. I do not need to justify my bisexuality to anyone. I am what you call bisexual; or «gay». I'm not even monogamous; or promiscuous. I am polyamorous. I am in love with every single human being on this planet. In addition to all the other incarnating souls among other species, the animals, plants and matter. And I'm quite happy about being so. I don't need any of my heterosexual friends to change into being homosexual, because I know this is a futile, and quite stupid thought. They are happy just as they are; so why would I want to do anything to try to change them?

I am a creator who create everything that the people around me wants me to create. But because they have so many strange notions about what it is to be «normal», and are so boringly preoccupied about not making a fool out of themselves, I use any means that I have to remind them that they are God, no matter what they choose to think or do or create for themselves. I tell them that they are sacred beings, no matter how «perverse» they choose to believe that they are.

People are not perverts. To be a pervert, you need to create misery for everyone around you. And do only that. No-one does that. Not even the people who label themselves perverts does anything of the sort. I just try to make them understand how they program themselves to create misery for themselves, and that this is not necessary, when they can just be good to themselves. The meaning of life is Joy. The meaning of life is Happiness. So why judge yourself for being different from everybody else that you know, when that is your happiness, and that you only can create happiness through being who you are; and thus creating happiness for everyone around you.

I don't know what thoughts you have about homosexuality, or what you believe it to be. I can, however, tell you that whatever you choose to project upon homosexual people, is what you will perceive. No matter what you choose to project. Same with them. When they project negative emotions and bad conscience upon their own private sexual feelings, they will create the «accidents» that will allow for them to confirm that they are right, and this will in turn make them able to justify their own judgments upon themselves.

This is not «The Truth», but it is «their present belief». I am trying to help them become aware of that.

I cannot give anyone what he or she denies him or her -self. If you choose to feel put down and smudged by what you read on my homepage, all I can ask you to do is: —Go Elsewhere! Be Happy! Do whatever you can to create your own Joy! But do not feel any guilt because you're doing so, either. I will be fine, no matter what you choose to do. Because I've got my own integrity intact.

I love you! Don't do this to yourself, please! If you have negative emotions connected to the term homosexuality, then don't approach it. Don't read about it. Do not get involved with people that you project your negative emotions upon! It will only make you miserable.

If you do not want to know about how exciting and sexy and thrilling and joyful and happy it is to be an open gay man or women, with our own adopted children to raise in our own way; to allow them to be their own masters, with their own integrated and sacred free wills, unaware of the stupid prejudice in your mind, then let «those perverted homosexuals» be! And they will always be hidden. And you will never learn how to know them. And you will never learn anything from them. So be it! And in your next incarnation, you will have to live out this karma; in order to comprehend it. You yourself will be a homosexual, and you will enjoy it immensely! Because it is your life, then!

In this way Ramtha has everything to do with homosexuality. As much as he has to do with everything and with everyone else. He is a creator. He is an enlightened being. And he enlightens not only you. Please be happy for this. And do not judge him for condoning every kind of way of life that there is to live. Because this is what he does. He does not need your approval to do that. Because he has got his own integrity with what he does. No matter how he choose to do it. No matter what name he choose to «hide» behind. We are only here to help. We concentrate on content; not all the different forms it might choose to appear in. We are called the creators of this Universe. And we love diversity. And we love Joy. And we love Happiness. No matter what the people around us choose for us to create for them. Their free will are sacred to us. Because every single free will in this Universe, is the will that we abide by. It is the will of God.

If you want, you can answer this letter, and we might exchange ideas. I would appreciate that! I need your input, as much as your soul seeks mine for your fearful ego to ponder about. — Why else would you write this e-mail to me?

If you believe that you learn anything from me at any time, that you can use in any way, I hereby remind you of the liberty to use whatever you learn in any circumstance that you want, with no thought, what-so-ever about where it originated from. It is now your sacred thoughts; no matter the «name» of the fool who «invented» them. This is because we are all really One. We are God.

And yes. You are right. Homosexuality is to be evolved. It is not balanced as long as people who are homosexual allow themselves to stay inside their closets and prosecute others for coming out of theirs. We are here to try to help them change this fearful aspect in themselves. But for this they need time to mature. Will you grant them this? It makes me feel better to think that you will.

Do you feel better now?

Yours respectfully, BearCY

Subject: Reply
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 13:01:35 -0700
From: "Espen Oskefisen" <>

I can sense some defiance in you. Also some evolution that is good.

I was just curious as to why you were using the Ram's image on your site. Your answers were precise and viable. I hope you find what you are looking for in life.

It is refreshing to talk to someone of your persuasion that really has something to say. It is good that you do not try to push your lifestyle on others. I suppose I am tired of the arguments. This will not work. I do not try to push my lifestyle on others as well.

I agree that what ever you use to make excuses not to grow makes you a victim and you will just spin in circles. I agree that homosexuality is probably one of the most difficult attitudes to own because of society. I am glad that you have grown through this.

And believe me, you do not have to be homosexual to be accused of being a pervert. I have been called this enough time just because I like oral sex.

I have my own integrity as well. You do not know my mind or if I have any prejudices at all. I can feel your anger here. Maybe you should check to see if you have prejudices. Could help you to move on. But of course do what you will.

All people I come across help me to understand who and what I am. I can feel some issues to evolve through even with this communiqué. I will. I am compelled to.

I have homosexual friends. I do not slam them for what they do. I have allowed them and will continue to do so.

I am just glad to hear your answer about using Rams image. It is good to know that this was not some outlandish attempt to keep the agitation between homosexuality and heterosexuality alive.


Subject: Reply again from BearCY
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 03:58:05 +0200
From: "Bear Cattlisle YAWNERSON" <>
To: Espen Oskefisen <>

Hello Espen!

Thanks for your reply!

Yes, you are very correct. I have a lot of prejudices in me. Also a lot of defiance. And I work with them all the time. It helps me to move on, as you so beautifully expressed it. I am glad that you saw through me in this. It tells me that you are aware of your own prejudices as well. 'Guess that's why we haven't ascended yet in this incarnation…

We do have some unfinished business to deal with. I am not shy about these issues. I guess that many people are (afraid of making fools out of themselves), but I think it to be quite normal to have prejudices when you are an ego. If not, you would just cease to exist in the other egos' minds. They would not recognize you as someone living, or someone they could relate to. Most probably they would try to get you locked up in some asylum for loons.

So why even care about what some other strangers «might» think about me? —I don't.

I guess that the defiance in me also comes from my confrontation with the people who seem to feel that they have employed themselves by (claimed ownership of) the Ram to protect «his» rights, and who do not agree with my «perverse» abuse of their sacred and most private «Redeemer And Man To Help All». They seem to be a bit too dogmatic for me to handle. I allow myself to get provoked by such «ownership» of Thought and «Copyright Justice». This because I am also God; just like them. And I too have the right to Think these Thoughts. I even have the right to express them in different contexts than what is approved by the prejudice «Ramtha-people». Therefore I use the Ram in my way with this private blessing. I don't make a lot of noise about it, either. I just continue on in my quest to help my fellow souls save their egos from death of the body.

Talking about homosexuality. I am sorry, but I don't have the language to discuss this. I have no, so called «experience» in heterosexual «practice». I have only got physical experience with gay sex in this incarnation. Therefore I cannot say anything about what is «right» or «wrong» or «good» or «bad». It is a matter of taste and what you feel like. I have occasionally fell in love with girls, but they have never tried to «check me up» for a sexual date. And since I get enough sex with all the gorgeous boys that is around, I guess that's enough for me.

I don't have the luxury of any experiences that will allow for me to make any assessments to what is better, or even more «normal». To me gay sex is «normal». I'm no expert in statistics. Neither do I want to be. To me, statistics is just another advanced form of distorting the truth.

I also have got Klinefelter's Syndrome (XXY-chromosome-error) which makes me not only sterile (so that I cannot have children of «my own» (no luck there, girls!)), but it also gives me what the doctors term «exaggerated concentration». I am by their definition, unable to shut out what is not important to me. I experience everything that I experience, fully. I cannot forget anything. I will always know my future, past and present with total clarity. There are no worries all through my life. I've done this trip before. Thousands of times. And, of course: I cannot die; just like everybody else.

Do you mind if I ask what your age is?

I was born in Oslo (the capital of Norway, in Scandinavia, Europe), on the third of September, nineteen sixty-two, at twenty-two o'clock in the night. Do you believe in astrology? Please have a look if you do. I do not care much for it myself; think it is nice for parlor-tricks; but dangerous to become dogmatic about, and believe in totally. It makes the concept of free will a joke to me. And I don't like to joke about God. Even if «God» has a good sense of humor; just like me.

«Den som kun tar spøk for spøk og alvor kun alvorlig: han og hun har faktisk fattet begge dele dårlig.» Kumbel

«The one who just perceives a joke to be a joke, and gravity only to be serious. He and she has actually perceived both pretty poorly.» —One of the famous quotes from the Danish philosopher (he «died» a very long period of time ago); this almost mythical man is part of Scandinavian culture!

I have a question for you: Why do you allow anyone to call you a pervert? Why do you allow yourself to get exposed to such filthy and square-frigid minds? Isn't that a little bit too exhausting if you want to keep yourself healthy? This is just a question; please do not allow for yourself to get hurt by it! I ask this because I myself am very aware of picking my friends with care. Discrimination is the essence here. If you are afraid of «discriminating people», you will exhaust yourself on stupidity. Allow people to be stupid, if so are their wishes. And do not tell just everybody that you like oral sex. At least not the people who aren't mature enough to be able to deal with it. I don't go around telling just everybody that I'm gay. What would I want to do that for? I know that there are a lot of square-minded people about. And I can enjoy being with them and experience joy with them. If all it takes is to keep my sexual preferences hidden, I'll gladly grant them that. I don't need absolutely everybody to accept or condone my sex life. It is private.

What is not private, however, when homosexuality is concerned, is the political issues. Things like adoption. I don't know any country that has come as far as to grant homosexual couples the right to adopt children, if they are known to be homosexual. And I think this is a sad thought. There is also the questions about discriminating between heterosexuals and homosexuals in insurance-issues, cheap fares on transportation for married couples, et cetera. Even in countries where gays are allowed to marry (like Norway) these differences has yet a far way to go to become fair.

I know a lot of homosexual parents. Even gay men who have split from their former wives, and have got the full legal responsibility by the court to raise their own children. When they marry another guy, this man will not be able to adopt his mate's children. So what happens, then, when the genetically father of the children dies in some stupid accident?

First there is the question about inheritance. If the deceased have been visionary enough to think of a will, his lover will get a quarter of what's left. Then the inheritance will get divided into four parts, where one part goes to his lover, one part to his children, one part to his family, and one part to the government. If there are no will, the three parts will go to his children, his family and the government.

Second, the office-rats of our «paradise-like» society comes in and takes away the children from their adopted father (they have adopted him into their hearts; he hasn't been allowed to adopt them legally). He belongs to them, but the «Christian-democratic» bureaucrats won't accept that. They kidnap the children from their family and put them into orphanages (waiting rooms for adoption) where they get exposed to criminal ways of thinking among children from alcoholics' and drug-addicts' homes. «—They are just children; how can they choose for themselves? They can't yet be allowed to decide for themselves! This is our call, and we must act if we're going to protect these innocent children from those filthy perverts; those homosexuals!» Our society's recent history has shown us a lot of destroyed lives because of this poor «Christian» law. «It's all for the good of the children!». —Talk about projection…

In Norway gays are allowed to «marry». But only among Norwegians (!). Well, maybe to foreigners who have lived with their partner in Norway for at least two years in a row. In order for a foreigner to be allowed to live in Norway for more than the tourist-visa's three months, they have to live here for the sole purpose of acquiring an education of some sort. (Or if you're from the Wealthy Western World you've got to have a particular skill that aren't available in Norway, and therefore sought after by the «democratic-democratic» government.)

And while the people from the Poor Third World and the Developing Second World educate themselves, they have to live with their partner (registered address with the police in four duplicates, signed by all parties), and also sponge on their partner's income for at least two years; of which they get no economical health-care benefits what-so-ever. Because they can't be allowed to get a working-permit so that they would be able to support themselves (in a country aching with labor-shortage), now, can they? No, that would be too easy.

If such a couple where to split during this «trial-period», the foreigner would get kicked out of the country, and sent back to where he or she came from.

There is also the question about human rights here, because in some cases that I personally have got involved in (where I have been approached by the victim and have counseled him), there has been Norwegian (business-?) men who have «imported» a seemingly «sex-slave» from a poor country, and have threatened this guy with getting kicked out from the country, if they don't do all the house-work, do all the cooking, and furthermore act like an «inflated Barbara» (a call-boy for sex when needed, and hide quietly behind locked doors when being an nuisance (during visits from the closet-gay man's family, for instance)). All this in addition to completing their education. This has to be called by its right name: Blackmail and extortion added to psychological- and physical abuse. But according to Norwegian law this is totally a matter of choice and therefore «legally justice».

And in order for a gay man or woman who have accomplished this straining trial-period to get a working-permit, they have to speak fluently Norwegian. The latter, of course, because they have lived in Norway for at least two years; how else will they be able to defend themselves?

As if the law-makers expect homosexuals to get bashed and discriminated, and think of this as something natural and therefore to be accepted; even put into law by not legalizing homosexuality totally, by enforcing equal rights in all aspects of life.

Heterosexuals can marry anyone, with no political conditions what so ever; and once they do, their mate will get full citizenship rights with working-permits and all; even if they don't speak our language. And on top of that; they'll get complete inheritance-rights to continue their family in case of the genetically parent's death. They don't even need to adopt their in married children! —They'll automatically become a legal step-parent.

I don't think this is fair. I therefore allow this to make me defiant.

I recognize that you've got a very dogmatic language. I am not as fortunate as you in this way. I don't have the language of «the Ram and his worshipers», because I write mostly in Norwegian. I know my mother-tongue language in and out, and have quite successfully translated a few books from English into Norwegian, but English is a foreign language to me. It is difficult for me to understand properly in order to make myself get understood by everyone of my visitors. I guess that you might have misunderstood some of what I have tried to convey to you, due to the language-barrier. I am not as fluent in English as you might think. It is very much a guess-work on my part, and when I miss a point, I will miss it totally. This is something I'm working on. Therefore I appreciate that you wrote to me, so that I got to practice my English with you.

Take care! Yours BearCY

Subject: Very smoooooth
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 21:18:48 -0700
From: "Espen Oskefisen" <>
To: <>

These answer is a sentence by sentence answer. To get the sentences the answers apply to, please hit the links. To go back to these answers, just hit the «Back»-button on top of your browser.

Yes, you are very correct. (…) Yes this is true. You cannot see what you are not or have been. I tend to find out that what I get emotional about is currently an attitude I must deal with. Even is I do not deal with it …… it deals with me. You know what I mean? If I upon retrospect mention or recognize without bolting or getting upset, then I can say I have owned that and can speak from a level of wisdom. I have found this to be true about me.

We do have some unfinished business to deal with. (…) I agree. I try to see the «under construction» sign on everyone. Sometimes I have blown it though but oh well …… I guess I'm human.

So why even care about what some other strangers «might» think about me? —I don't. You may have one up on me here. I think I don't care but I can act different in public. I mean, I do have my integrity but that is based upon experiences that I have mastered, not ones that I am currently in. It is sort of like reading a book and trying to make a decision before you finish. I hope I am saying this right.

I guess that the defiance in me (…) I admit, I did feel like this somewhat … but that is my situation to grow from. I have had many experiences where homosexuals use anything possible to try to push their ideas on others. Again you may do what you feel but I for one and glad this was not the case.

Talking about homosexuality. (…) No problem……with a man it is all friction any way!!!

I don't have the luxury (…) And to me there is nothing more beautiful than straight sex. So like you I have no basis to speak from when it comes to gay sex …… Hey that's an idea ……… maybe gays and straits should with hold judgment until they have tried it …… what do you think? (—To answer this, I'd say: you're welcome to try, but it won't work; and maybe you'll eventually grow up and discover why!)

I also have got Klinefelter's Syndrome (…) Use it. People pay to learn to remember.

Do you mind if I ask what your age is? 40 and sporty! (…) Do you believe in astrology? I have not really gotten into it until lately. I met a lady who emailed me from the Internet. I must say that according to the stars, she is the one. Interesting but being that I am a scientist I will have to see more continuity. Please have a look if you do. (…) I agree. To become dogmatic about anything is very limiting. How about vegetarianism. I know people that think they will go to heaven because that don't eat meat!!!

«Den som kun tar spøk for spøk og alvor kun alvorlig: han og hun har faktisk fattet begge dele dårlig.» Kumbel Ok!!

«The one who just perceives a joke to be a joke, and gravity only to be serious: he and she has actually perceived both pretty poorly». (…) Ohhhhhh. I see. The translation to the above is here. I get it.

I have a question for you: (…) I am not hurt. I do not mind the question. The ones that do are Christians. Dogmatism reigns here!!! They are not my friends. I have one real rule. No ugly friends!! I ask this because I myself am very aware of picking my friends with care. (…) I can appreciate this. You would probably be someone I could hang out with. I like discretion. Not specifically concerning sexuality but whatever needs to be metered. (…) I don't need absolutely everybody to accept or condone my sex life. It is private. Again very cool attitude.

What is not private, however, (…) You picked an interesting lifetime to evolve this. You are tough enough though.

I know a lot of homosexual parents. (…) I have to agree on this one. If we in America listen to the President's wife, we will have concentration camp kids.

As if the law-makers expect (…) Truth is they do expect you to get bashed. When aids became front page news, I was still in the Christian mode. I thought it was Gods way of dealing with gays and drug users as well. I must say I am glad to have studied the origins of this disease and this is not the case. I have know it for quite some time. I let the Christian attitude get past my science for awhile. I am so glad to have evolved this attitude!

I don't think this is fair. I therefore allow this to make me defiant. That is understandable.

I recognize that you've got a very dogmatic language. (…) Actually you came through quite clear. I do not just read the words. I feel who wrote them. Take care of you! Espen.

I am a creator, and I cannot stand back and just contemplate the foolishness and the war.

I am creating.

And I do it fast. So hang on!

But I am far from the only one.

And if you remember your soul, you can be one too. Because when you remember your soul, you throw your stupid ego away, and ascend. Then you will be an enlightened being. Then you will create only happiness and joy. Then no-one will envy you. Because then everybody will be the same. Everyone will be One again. Until next time!

I hope we all learned something new in this document as well. Because when you have read them all, you will never stop until you have eaten every piece of evidence that I have ever been, and discover that it is anything but a strange notion. I am God. Just like you and everybody else in this Universe.

I know that I can seem intense. But only if you need me to. I only show what you project upon me. I cannot do otherwise. Because I am one of your creators. I am God: Just like you.

So please wake up and smell the seaweed! You are needed! Stop feeling afraid! It is not real. Your physical body is just a bunch of molecules and atoms. And I created every one of them, the last time I dreamed, so that you could read them just now. So If you read this in a long period of time after I wrote it down. I will not be able to understand anything of what you're trying to tell me, I will be gone. And ascended. And descended. And back. Just like that. And I will not be able to understand anything that doesn't imply totally unconditional love directed towards everyone; including yourself!

So I am here for you now. But don't expect that I can give you anything other than what you choose to project upon me, yourselves and each-other. You do that all the time. Every person you meet, you either love/hate, need/despise, think is interesting/is quite sick of, are alone with/shares with everyone, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!

This is not love! -- It is nothing but silly projections to; or what you choose to perceive as: conditions to «love». When you think like this, you show a plain ignorance to what love is. Love is unconditional. It cannot decide for or against. It is everything and everyone.

It is impossible to be «in lack of» love. Love is who you are. Love is what you want. So why deny it? Why distort it? Why reject it? —As something impossible to acquire? When it already is you? Why deny yourself? Why distort yourself? Why reject yourself? —As someone impossible to acquire? You are love. Please do recognize it! Recognize yourself! You are your idol. You are your Real-Christ. There is no-one else about. But you. So why not try to get to know yourself? Your Soul? Your destiny? Your presence? Your All That Is? You create it all. Just now. No-one creates it for you. No-one can create anything for you. Why don’t you recognize your own free will? Your own indispensable and inseparable part of God? Of All That Is? It already is you; so why even try to fight it? Because you can nothing but lose against your self; your Soul; your creator. Why not see the wisdom in co-operating with your self?

You can think yourself wherever and whenever you want. Physically. Because the physical realm that you now believe so steadily in, does not exist! It only existed in some long gone dream that you still persist upon not wanting to «lose». You already are it; so why keep persisting that you can lose it? It is virtually not possible. The physical reality that you keep believing is everything that you know, is not only what you know. Please do realize this. Whenever you think any thought, you prove to yourself that you also are Thought. Just because you do think.

My mission here, is to try to convince you that you also are Thought. And that this Thought that you are, is all that you can ever be. That the things that you believe to be; a body, a person, an individual, an ego, a boy, a girl, a human being, a devil, an angel. That all this just is an illusion. You are not all these things. These things are just illusions for you to play with. They are not real. You are Thought. You are Love. But only as long as you yourself permit yourself to be so. This is the only obstacle. Your very own free will. What you believe that you want.

As long as you allow for yourself to get told by others what is to be expected of you, and you only abide by that, in order to get other egos’ approval; because you believe to be only an ego that can suffer and be lonely and bored, you will not allow yourself any confidence in your own judgment. Because the judgment by which you abide by is not your own. It is «theirs». And as long as you persist in perceiving that there is any other perception to perceive but your own, you will keep on losing to yourself.

Because only when you have acknowledged that you are your only creator and decider, then you will get in direct contact with your own Soul, which is in direct contact with all other Souls. Then you will be united with everyone else. And you will create only unconditional love for yourself and for everyone else. Then you will be totally happy.
In a pretty short time now, there are to become some heavy changes upon this Earth. We are currently moving into something which is called a Band of Light; or «the Photon Band». This band of light is really a hyper-information highway in this galaxy of ours, which we call the Milky Way. What it does, is not important in this context. But what it is, are very important indeed. Because our sun’s orbit around the star Alcyone in the Pleiades, which is approx. 400 light-years away from us, is an orbit that takes approximately 26 thousand of our Earthly years. Since Alcyone resides inside this band of light all the time, and our sun passes the band of light twice in every orbit, I feel obligated to tell you what will happen when we enter it again. The band itself is approximately two thousand years wide, calculating our Sun’s present speed around Alcyone. Outside this band of light, is the Galactic Night. Which is what we call the electro-magnetic field of this Galaxy. Inside the band of light, there is no electromagnetic field. When we enter the photon band, all our appliances which work on electricity will cease to work. All magnetic storage-units, like video-tapes, hard disks, etc, will also cease to be readable, because in the Photon Band, there are no electromagnetic field which will make these things usable. Our scientific «laws of physics» will thus have to be re-written.

Since Friday, March the 13th, 1987, or what we term Spring Equinox (the 20th), our Earthily orbit touched into the Photon Band for two weeks, until Friday, March the 27th. Every year since then, this period of touching into the Photon Band has been widened for one week in each direction (two weeks altogether); both before and after Spring Equinox, each year. In the end of 1998 until 2001, our sun itself will be entering into the Photon Band. And this will cause great changes in the physical environment of our planet. Most people will not allow themselves to survive physically. But those of us who wants to remind ourselves how to ascend; or to «think ourselves away», into the fifth dimension; what we usually call «dream-land» today; but with our bodies intact, we will all survive this regular catastrophe that happens to us every thirteen thousand years on this planet. Please remember that you have experienced this before, and many times at that; I beg you to try to remember! It might be easier if you read a lot of different books about it; because channeled literature is not very exact or reliable. Because when the whole Earthly orbit has entered the Photon Band, in December the 21st, 2012; the date that our famous 26 thousand years old Maya-calendar expires, we will all be in a two thousand years long paradise again. We will wake up to become galactic human beings, with the Milky Way as our playground, instead of just the city we live in today.

Those of us who are not ready for this yet, and wants to go on complaining and whining and destroying their environment, will have to be moved to another galaxy. Because this galaxy (our Milky Way) has now got a birthday that we all who lives here have to respect.

And this birthday implies that since our galaxy has completed a full orbit around itself since the first reptiles and dinosaurs created themselves, this is now a time where we have to say goodbye to the old ways of thinking. We are now moving on.

Life is about collecting feelings. Every kinds of feelings that there is to feel. In this orbit of our galaxy, we have concentrated upon the following seven solar system karmic patterns:

Arrogance, Addiction, Prejudice, Hatred, Violence, Victim hood, and Shame. These are the primary subconscious – and conscious – karmic vices that were developed on Venus, Mars, Maldek, and Earth. There are also seven ego allurements that are specific to Earth: Lust, Laziness, Gluttony, Pride, Anger, Envy, and Greed. These last seven are specifically the traps of the negative ego. This negative ego is the aspect of your personality that refuses to surrender to spirit, wants to be in control, keeps you feeling separate, and wants you to feel special. It does not matter whether you feel better than or less than, as long as you feel special.

The ego allurements specific to Earth are part of the Incan mystery school teachings. Once you have awakened to the realization that you are not your body and your personality, that you are a sacred immortal spirit, the next step is to transcend ego and become spiritually responsible and pure. Transformation and eventual transcendence of the seven ego allurements is a way to do so.

Recognition and acknowledgement of the karmic patterns and ego allurements that you still get trapped by are essential first steps. This requires being impeccably honest with yourself.

Every person who feel a desperate need to continue on this pattern of feelings, needs to be removed from this galaxy at this time. This is not something bad, or «unfair». It is called evolution. God needs evolution. That’s what it’s all about.

By the year 2013, everyone who remains on the Earth, must have an understanding of the following four evolutionary principles:

  1. Our purpose to evolve here is to evolve physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  2. Every human being is a Divine Essence made of Light and love whose nature is goodness.
  3. Free will is an absolute universal right; impeccability calls on the self to surrender its free will to Divine Will in faith and trust.
  4. All of natural existence is sacred beyond how it serves or meets the needs of the individual self.

At this time every human alive is being presented with these four spiritual premises in subtle or direct ways. It is a planetary law that before the end of a major time cycle such as you are in at this time, every single living person must be reminded of the four evolutionary principles they are expected to embrace...

There are points in the galactic orbital pattern during which Earth always experiences a lengthy Ice Age, and this cycle had just passed at exactly six 26,000 years cycles around Alcyone, or 156,000 years ago, when the first humans came from Maldek, the planet which today is what we call the asteroid belt around our sun. Earth’s orbit slows down and widens during those times, due to the Sun’s orbital pattern reaching a wider angle around the Galactic Center. It always takes just over 100,000 years for the slower cycle to be completed and the warming trend to take hold. Even after that point, the speeding up of Earth’s orbit around the Sun is a gradual process, culminating in a major pole shift when a specific geometric angle is reached in the Sun’s orbital pattern around Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiades, stabilizes to the 26,000-year time frame that Earth and your solar ring are in now. This stabilization occurred 130,000 years ago.

These 26,000-year evolutionary and orbital cycles repeat over and over again for the entire time it takes the Sun to complete a full orbit around the Galactic Center, or approximately 230,000,000 years. At the end of that time, the 100,000-year Ice Age and slower orbits occur as the relationship of the Sun to the Galactic Center changes relative to the Milky Way’s orbital pattern around what we shall call the Great Central Sun of all galaxies and of All That Is.

The orbits of the entire Milky Way around the Great Central Sun, just like the orbits of your solar ring around Milky Way’s Galactic Center, take the form of continual circles connecting with diagonal arms at the end of one circle and the beginning of another (a huge spiral). At the completion point of the circular orbit around the Great Central Sun of All That Is, the Milky Way Galaxy enters a diagonal connecting link to the next ring on the spiral, which is an initiate step into a new evolutionary cycle as well. This is what is occurring now. You, the people of Earth, are not only at the end of a 26,000-year Earth/Sun/Pleiadian cycle; the entire Pleiadian system, which includes your solar ring, is at the end of a 230,000,000-year orbit around Galactic Center; and the entire Milky Way is at the completion of an infinitely longer orbit around the Great Central Sun. All three of these cycles are synchronistical and simultaneously completing the last step of the spiral dance within a dance within a dance, making this a very crucial transition time. The objective is to finish without anyone’s toes getting stepped on, so the next, more sophisticated and gracious dance can begin.

What this adds up to in terms of planetary evolution is this: When the 100,000-year Ice Age ended, the Milky Way had nearly completed its move across the diagonal arm that connects the previous spiral ring to the new ring on the greater cosmic spiral. This new ring, which all of us dwelling in the Milky Way will enter fully at the beginning of 2013, begins a new and different evolutionary cycle in relationship to God/Goddess/All That Is. Rebirth and initiate spiritual leaps are being, and will continue to be, experienced. The previous galactic cycle, which is now ending, is called «The Evolutionary Spiral of Self-Discovery and Exploration.» The new galactic cycle we are entering is called «The Evolutionary Spiral of Self-Mastery and Completion.» The consciousnesses birthed during these transitional times are the products of new paradigms and new potentials, and benefit from all of the learning from the previous spiral, even if it is unconscious. It is like taking all of the dance steps learned in the previous lessons, mastering them, and then adding new steps that are much more exciting and challenging.

The time on Earth for exploration of all possibilities is coming to an end. Those of you living on Earth at this time have had billions of years to experience all of the potentials of consciousness, Light, and Dark. You have been victim and victimizer. You have loved, hated, protected, feared, known prejudice from all sides, been a peacemaker, and, in general, learned all of the options for existence. You have been incarnate and disincarnate. You have been guides to others, and you have been guided. Most of you have been enlightened and/or ascended and fallen from grace. Hopefully, by now you have learned to suspend judgment on yourself and others and to have compassion and understanding – for you have had opportunities to experience «it all». Those things that you have not experienced directly, you have chosen not to because you learned vicariously through the experiences of others. But you have had the time and opportunity to know all parts of existence.

Now the time is at hand during which you must take an internal inventory. Who have you become? To what has all of this vast experience and exploration brought you? Who are you qualitatively beyond what you have done? The time is here now for choosing spiritual mastery and responsibility for creating and co creating reality. Those who do not make this choice will be peacefully and nonjudgmental removed from this galaxy and taken to another galaxy that is just entering «The Evolutionary Spiral of Self-Discovery and Exploration». There they will begin anew the process of exploring Light and Dark, learning and forgetting, and so on. And once again, when that galaxy ends its long cycle and approaches «The Evolutionary Spiral of Self-Mastery and Completion», these beings will be offered another opportunity to move forward.

Please revive your sacred Thought, or your Soul; allow It to think for you! And then act!

Some of this text was channeled by

Amorah Quan Yin
From a Ra God of the Pleiades.
Scanned in and Edited by

from the book
Pleiadian Perspectives
on Human Evolution
ISBN 1-879181-33-9
by Amorah Quan Yin

What did Barbara Hand Clow write?

Please buy it, and read it;
then give it to a friend…
—I've done all those things several times!

Norway's Daily Newspaper
Monday the 14th of December 1998:

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And to really round it all off with a Norwegian Newspaper-Article (see the A3-faxmile), which states: «Exploited as sex-slaves», and above it in yellow print: «RUSSIAN WOMEN FLEE TO CRISIS-CENTRA», and in the little bulb on the right: «It felt like living in prison» And below it all: «Several hundred Russian women have got themselves married to Norwegian men during the last couple of years. Not everybody are happy. A growing number flees to crisis-centra after psychic and physical mistreatment. And gets sent back to Russia, because the marriage didn't last a long enough period of time to allow them to stay.» (3 years «trial-period»).

And on the following pages (16+17), they say: ««Russian brides is treated as sex-slaves», «Was abused by the «dream-prince»»: Tromsø, (Dagbladet): A Russian woman thought she had found the prince of her dreams, and moved to and settled down in Norway. The marriage became a nightmare. Now she waits to get forcibly removed from Norway and sent back into Russia – where she's got no job, no home, no future.» Another headline states: «Choosing violence in Norway before starvation in Russia». And the last, educating: «Demand economical guarantee», as a sort of an after-thoughtful, judgmental revenge-biter.

In other words: The people writing and believing this fear-propaganda, weren't raised by Norwegians to be allowed to live in this society of ours for long enough a period of time, as stated in the Norwegian Nationalistic Law. And while the circumstances are like this for mere heterosexuals; how much compassion do you think the office-rats bother to feel when homosexual people are in question?

I actually do believe that you've got a premature picture of what Norway is all about, concerning homosexual's rights and privileges. And when there are such a large number of straights doing «favors» to live on (selling their bodies to their Norwegian mates), what do you think happens to the gay equivalents? They smell money and sell out the truth in themselves. The only cost for this is «bad conscience», and therefore fully emendable; at anytime.

Most people who stay in Norway after such a period of conflict, are children who have been here more than six years. Those, the Christian-Democratic Bureaucrats, feel adequately compassionate about, to allow themselves to actually help people in distress; not just continue to dream about it. Other adult's lives are just stupid and irrelevant to their happiness, in their ego's eyes.

And these Norwegian scapegoats are the ones you glorify, through the task of wanking into your Scandinavian pornography. This is not Norway (, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, or Sweden). It's an illusion you create every time you waste any energy believing it. So please start waking up from your slumber. You don't belong there!

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