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Important article about «Block-Head-Software» translated to you by BearCY's HomoSite: Mix of Pantheïstic Enlightenment with Gay Pornography.:
Censorship on astray
Internet is the major threat of all times against any attempt to block out and control people's access to information. This is by occasional governments and movements, with different approaches, perceived as a problem one has to do something about, and as quick as possible. — The question remains to be asked if this also can be wrong.

The major activity and the strongest attacks is of course concerning the need to stop everything that might be defined as «anti-communistic propaganda». Surprised? Remember that the Internet is international. It destroys old boundaries and limits between countries like geographic borders and different ways of governing.

In Norway, the people who try to control and limit this new «anarchistic» pouring of information, discovered a new major cause — c h i l d   p o r n o g r a p h y ! Just mention this, and Internet in your same breath (as they are very clever in doing at the most awkward of times), and all objections against these drastic actions that they introduce under this banner, is disappearing as dew before the sun. It is impossible to maintain a principal discussion about freedom of speech and spreading of information, and this quite new situation Internet here brings forth with the ghost of c h i l d   p o r n o g r a p h y ! as the major donor of terms. Because how can anyone promote such filth?

In defiance of this, I myself have been on the Internet since before the Web-revolution began. I have, however, never found any child pornography. This means of course not that it does not exist, but that the impression that one unexpectedly wade in quantities of these sorts of things is maybe a bit exaggerated. And that the reflex reactions correspondingly becomes less thoroughly thought through before action. And especially when they also often are founded on a solid ignorance about what the Internet-phenomenon really is about.

A steadily more widespread remedy is so called blocking- or filtering-software. This is programs which installs themselves into the web-browser program or the operative system itself, and block the access to all contents that «someone» has defined as unwanted. Programs, like Net Nanny, Cybersitter and Cyber Patrol.

Beside the fact that these programs is being used by an unknown number of «concerned parents», these kind of programs are already installed at many schools in a number of countries (including Norway) — with increasing demands from certain groups of people that this are to be an obligatory command at all schools and in all public «terminals», as for example libraries.

And they are efficient. They do indeed ironically usually not block for child pornography, however, due to the fact of the hidden forms this occur, but everything from ordinary pornography to discussion groups and Web-pages that contain issues like feminism, gay rights, political activism, critical articles of conditions in prisons, environmental issues, IRA, estate agents, periodicals, rock, and much more are in return efficiently being blocked from the user.

Yes, you read correctly. These programs sensor these things, and more to come, in secrecy.

Partly because they rather want to be on the safe side and with coarse sensor-brush blocks too much than too little. In many cases they bolt, just as well, off from all pages under a particular Internet Provider, or a domain, if they have found some of these pages unwanted (like one of these programs actually blocks the access to «half of Norway» — all the Web-pages at Scandinavian Online).

And partly because it is a quite conscious choice from the people who make them. For the filters of these programs represents a particular view-point, as any form of censorship does. And when you first have started, why stop with just a little part of what one does not like and therefore think that others might be harmed by too? For example, the boss of the Cybersitter-producer has publicly defended and stated the reasons for why they consciously have chosen to block out the access to the American Women's Liberation Movement. They don't like it.

There are Web-pages on the Internet, dedicated to disclose how appallingly wide these sensor-programs hit — and some of the sensor-programs just as well even block out these programs as well! Maybe you won't be able to enter PC World WEB anymore either, after this article has been published…

Is this how we want our world to become?

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