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After I became a disablement pensioner, I've updated my cell phone to a Nokia 3330. I've discovered that in Nokia cell phones, there is the possibility of making profiles. And if you name your profile after your home telephone number, and activate this profile, your home number will always show, while your phone is turned on; even if the key-lock is on. The finder will then know who to call, in order to give it back! If you've got a phone answering machine at home, they may even alert you about it, so that you may get it back, before you consider to buy a new one. ;o)

An additional tip, is to put your card with your name, address and home phone number inside by the battery.

—Most finders are considerate and honest; because they actually do comprehend the meaning of life; and what produces good feelings to do! :o)

Only some people are dishonest; because they've had ha tough childhood, perhaps; or some or the other. But don't let a few steer your belief into moving mountains in the wrong direction!

I got a Cash Call Bosch cellular phone from my parents. Since they know how little I do appreciate being a slave of time, I got it on Saturday, December the 11th, 1999, rather than on Christmas Eve. And that was nice.

I do actually perceive myself as rather intelligent these days; one Friday night I was delivered an Alcatel cellular phone on the underground (I'm a train driver at the Oslo Underground), from an elderly man who said he had found it turned on. And therefore, to be on the safe side, he turned it off, before handing it over to me. I was naturally rather put off by this kind of over eager helpfulness; then the owner was unable to give it a ring and ask where it was, and would walk around and wonder if it was stolen, until the Lost and Found Office opened at Monday morning. And when I turned it on again, I got a message in my face, stating: «ALWAYS WONDERFUL TO SEE YOU AGAIN, MY DEAR!», before it asked me for a pin code.

So the first I did when I got my own cellular phone, was to enter the menu and edit my welcoming message, from «WELCOME» to:

+47- 22591259 ! 
+47- 22591259 ! 

(! CALL MY OWNER:+47- 22591259 ! +47- 22591259 !)
0<        1     ><  2         3 ><      4      > 


[my home phone number] or
[my office phone number] or
[the phone number of a cooperative friend] × 2

Where one line appears at a time, with a two seconds interval. Because then it will  make the task of delivering it back to be much easier for an eventual helpful finder! I did the same thing with my parents' Motorola cellular phone; but then with their home phone number, of course. I thought I would give this idea to the cellular phone companies, so that they could insert it into the user's manuals of their new cellular phones.

—Do you think they would appreciate it?

The brands of cellular phones not compatible with this idea, because they ask for the PIN-code before they will give you any Welcoming message is:


If you've got more names to add to this list, please do send me a note!

My main e-mail address is: BearCY's HomoSite: or in Norwegian: —Of all I give to this world, I get tenfold in return; no matter what I give. So what the heck, then, is the point in giving anything but unconditional love? —That's what I want from anyone and anything that I encounter. And anything but this I will not acknowledge, from anyone. But, of course, I do realize that I need to take the initiative myself by how I act, and through my attitude in general towards you all! Bear Cattlisle YAWNERSON.


Please do remember:
There is no need for anyone on this planet
to be afraid of anyone else at all!

Fear produces only fear!

  —Only unconditionally loving attention
produces unconditionally loving attention!

All kinds of feelings are reflected as what they are.

«—There are no strangers in this world:

Only friends you haven't met yet!»

                               Dame Edna, DownUnder

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