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Above You see an alphabetical list of individuals, companies or organizations who have applied to me for selling or leasing to them my beloved domain name.

Please write Internal Link at www.bearcy.com a note if You firmly believe that some or any of Your customers or visitors might search for You through this URL name.

If Your logo is absent and You'd like it to be present on this page, please explain to me the reason to Your request, and preferably with Your updated HTML-code attached (if You prefer, You may base it on a 'copy-paste' of my code below).

I promise to read it—and I'll e-mail you back; in order to get your details right—I'll also insert or update it above for free.

—Let us co-exist on Our web in peace…

And when You have done this, I will swap the name of this file with /index.html.

Would You prefer a total facelift of this page, then please do send me attached Your choice in an .html-document of Your design, which may enhance Your site more than it does today. Challenge me! :o)

Over ser Du en alfabetisk liste over enkeltpersoner, firma eller organisasjoner som har spurt meg om å selge eller lease Dem det kjære domenenavnet mitt.

Vær snill å gi Intern Peker i www.bearcy.com en melding hvis Du er ganske sikker på at Du har kunder eller besøkende som kan rote seg inn her når de leter etter Deg.

Hvis så logoen Din mangler her, og Du ønsker at den skal være til stede, vær snill å gi meg en forklaring på årsaken og legg også helst ved den oppdaterte HTML-koden Din (gjerne etter modell av koden min nedenfor – kopier og lim inn før Du forandrer på den).

Jeg lover å lese den – sender deg e-postmelding tilbake for å få alle detaljene riktig - jeg vil også sette den inn eller oppdatere den gratis ovenfor.

—La oss sameksistere på nettet vårt i fred…

Og når Du har gjort dette, så vil jeg bytte navnet på denne filen med  /index.html.

Foretrekker Du i stedet en full ansiktsløftning på denne siden, ikke nøl med å sende meg vedlagt Ditt valg til et utkast i et .html-dokument som Du har laget, og som kan fremheve Din site mer enn den er i dag. Utfordre meg! :o)

Visit BearCY's HomoSite; Pantheïsm+GayLib. & Why You shall NOT worship any Gods but You!

<a href="https://www.bearcy.no/indeks.html" target="_top">
<img src=
alt="Visit BearCY's HomoSite; Pantheïsm+GayLib. 
& Why You shall NOT worship any Gods but You!" 
border="0" align="middle">
— Explanations —

<a href="Your site's URL"
target=What frame Your site will
appear in when You click on Your logo:

= In the same frame
"_top" = In this whole window
"_blank" = In a new window
"_parent" = In the parent frame>
<img src=
"Your logo's URL"
"Alternative Text that appears
as a Tool tip when You point at Your logo, in case your server should be slow"

"# of points the thickness
of the border around Your logo"

Horizontal alignment on the page:
"left"= Left side
"middle"= In the middle
"right"= Right side>

— Forklaringer —

<a href="Hjemmesideadressen Din"
target=Hvilken ramme hjemmesiden Din vil havne i når Du klikker på logoen Din:
= I samme ramme
"_top" = I hele dette vinduet
"_blank" = I et nytt vindu
"_parent" = I rammen utenfor denne>
<img src=
"Adressen til logoen Din"
"Alternativ tekst som kommer 
til syne i en hjelpeboble når Du peker på logoen Din; selv når den ikke synes ennå"

"Antall punkt i tykkelsen til
rammen rundt logoen Din"

Horisontal plassering på siden:
"left"= Venstre side
"middle"= Midtstilt
"right"= Høyre side>










E-mail from a curious potential partner:

Subject: BearCY's shared website


I was wondering how you went about sharing your domain name with
makemeceo.com?  Did they pay you, or are they leasing the domain from you
or what?

Name Nameson


Hi Name!

I don't. I just use them as an example. They wrote me and asked if I would sell them my domain name, or at least lease it to one of their customers. As a reply, I made this page, and told them to have a look at it. Since then, I haven't heard a word. I guess they weren't prepared for that kind of reaction. And I still don't know who their customer was.

If you're interested, and believe that you've got a plausible reason for asking, I'll share my domain name with you. —Why do you think your visitors or customers would look for you at the domain name www.bearcy.com?

If you run a commercial site, however, I will be forced to ask my server provider about the share. And if they demand that I pay commercial tax for it, I will have to ask you to pay the Norwegian tax that comes with a commercial site, because they rent me their server space tax-free, because I do not earn any money on my site. So go the Norwegian tax rules. And they're pretty strict about it. If they were to discover that I didn't pay the tax they demand, I might end up paying a huge back tax, or even risk being imprisoned if I couldn't pay.

What this means in money, is 24% tax of the price I pay, which is NOK 1,500.- (US$ 164) a year. This amounts to NOK 360.- (US$ 40.-) a year at this particular moment in time. I've heard rumors that the commercial tax will raise to 25% in a year or two; but I don't know for sure. (That's why Norway is such an expensive country to live in; too few taxpayers to share the cost of running a decentralized welfare state. In this case Sweden's got almost half the commercial tax of Norway's. Sweden is a much cheaper country to run; with the double amount of taxpayers. They’ve even got a centralized welfare state, with the major part of their population living in large cities. :o)

If you choose to share www.bearcy.com with me, I will rename this page with index.html, and redo its appearance according to what we both will agree on.

If more people ask the same question that you just did, I will invite them to join us, and then redo the appearance of this page again, according to the wishes of us all.

—One issue, though: If you wish to get access to the e-mail address name@bearcy.com, I will have to ask my IP for more than one e-mail address, and thus pay more to them than I do today. Now I pay NOK 1.500.- (US$ 164) a year. Then I will have to pay NOK 1.740.- (US$ 190) a year; which will cost you NOK 240.- (US$ 27) more.

And if you've got a commercial site and they demand commercial tax, the 24% tax on top of NOK 1,740 (US$ 190) will amount to NOK 420.- (US$ 46).

NOK 240.- (US$ 27) for more than one e-mail address + NOK 420.- (US$ 46) in commercial taxes = NOK 660.- (US$ 73) a year.

This is what I will have to ask you to pay annually if, if – and if I don't want to make you subsidize my site as well.

—Terrified? :o)

Respectfully yours, BearCY

My e-mail address is: bearcy@bearcy.com. My address & tele# you'll find here. BearCY'sSite. My insight tells me that of any kind of feeling that I give to you, I'll automatically get tenfold in return of exactly the same feeling from everybody else; no matter what kind of feeling it is that I give. What would you rather give/get? Thanks for existing, even to me! BearCattlisleYAWNERSON; BearCattlisleYAWNERSON.


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