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Please delete any underscore in front of email addresses!

—Please do remember to manually delete the _underscore
in front of my e-mail address before you use it!
—It was inserted in a lame effor
t to try to confuse
advertizing-robot-abusers from stealing it!

I run Windows 8.1 with Start Menu X on my laptop PC
with keyboard and mouse, and no touch screen.

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After Facebook bought WhatsApp for 22 billion dollars,
so that they could rewrite the code in order to make it easy
to listen in to and record, I've ceased using WhtatsApp;
or Facebook Private Messenger, as they term it today,
as a private communication channel.

«Open Whisper Systems-encrypted» audio conversations,
let us speak for 3 minutes per used 1 MB of data traffic;

which gives us 3072 minutes or more than 2 days
of conversation time per used GB of data traffic.

The three «Open Whisper Systems-encrypted» messenger
apps, that I prefer to use, are:

Apple FaceTime & iMessage, Signal, and my favourite
text messenger and phone caller;
Telegram Messenger.
Which can replace SnapChat in every way,
be used for private one on one- and group chats,
and attach any file format and -size

Telegram Messenger

Gimme some money, please!


Availability calendar
Click on each of the appointments in the calendar below; one at a time, in order to be shown both when they begin and end:

Translated into English, this will be: — Bear Cattlisle YAWNERSON, gate = street, Leil. = leilighet = apartment/flat, Postal Code is N–1234 + LOCATION = N for Norway (this makes "Norway" obsolete and unnecessary at the end of snail-mail letters). — Telephone number is for you to dial International code + 47 for Norway, and then the 8 digits of my Norwegian number. Please do remember that the time zone in Norway is Central European Time (Greenwich + 1 hour). I don't like to be contacted between 22:00 and 08:00, if I haven't told you that I'm in love with you, or in other ways am very eager to get in contact with you. Because even I do deserve some privacy! ;o)

—If you've got user name and password, you'll  here  get access to detailed printable directions all the way home to my flat. If you feel that you'd rather not have to remember my particular choice of user name or password, please do feel free to do what I do instaad by using  LastPass

The weather in Oslo at the moment…

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